How to make Amazon affiliate links, pages, and bundles in under 5 minutes

Want to create a single affiliate link with a picture or latest price? How about a full page of your recommendations? Wouldn’t it be even cooler to make a bundle of your recommendations to a visitor only clicks once and can buy everything you recommend in a single bundle? That’s what I’ll show you in this video! is the easiest affiliate program to use because Amazon seems to have everything! But making links by searching their website (even their faster associate portal) takes a long time. I highly recommend two great WordPress plugins that make affiliate links easy and amazing!

  1. EasyAzon Pro for single product links
  2. Fresh Bundle Master for product bundles

Watch the video or read on to learn all about how these products work to help you make money from your blog or podcast website with Amazon affiliate links.

EasyAzon Pro for single product links

EasyAzon Pro is wonderful for creating a variety of Amazon affiliate links. Once you’re setup, you simply click the “EasyAzon” button in your WordPress page or post editor, search for your product, and then choose how you want to embed the link.

Embedding styles

With EasyAzon Pro, you currently get four basic methods of embedding products. For each example in this post, I’ll use the Behringer UFX1604 mixer, for which I simply search “ufx1604″ when I add the links.

1. Text link

Customize the linking text and optionally display an information popup on hover. This is my favorite option for in-context links when I mention a product within my writing.


Behringer UFX1604 | My dream mixer (hover for more information)

2. Image Link

Insert a hyperlinked image of the product you want to promote. You can choose from multiple sizes.


3. Info Block

My favorite method for embedding a more informative link is the info block, which shows an image, the product name, and its current price!

List Price: $1,599.99
Current Price: $873.65
Buy Now
Price Disclaimer
List Price: $1,599.99
Current Price: $873.65
Buy Now
Price Disclaimer
List Price: $1,599.99
Current Price: $873.65
Buy Now
Price Disclaimer

4. Call to Action

For more action-driving posts, consider a nicely designed “Buy from” button.


Link options

In the video, I used TextExpander to quickly fill in my AWS public and secret keys, and my international Amazon affiliate IDs (I have to do this a lot).

For ever Amazon link you embed, you can use the default options, or override them for just a single instance.

  • New Window—Set the link to open in a new window or tab, which I now recommend whenever you’re linking people away from your site. Try these two example links: Opens in new tab/window | Opens in current tab/window
  • No Follow—For SEO purposes, you can use the nofollow attribute on your EasyAzon links. This is generally a good idea for extremely popular affiliate programs (like Amazon’s). Look at the HTML source for these example links: With nofollow | Without nofollow
  • Cloaking—Hide that your links are going to Amazon. Hover of these two links to see the difference in their destination URLs: Cloaked | Not cloaked
  • Product Popups—Display information popups when your reader hovers their mouse cursor Amazon text links. Hover over these example links to see the difference: With popup | Without popup
  • Add to Cart—Instead of linking to the product page, you can make the link offer to add the product to the visitor’s cart. This gives you up to ninety days to earn the affiliate commission from the visitor’s purchase instead of the regular twenty-four hours with links to product pages. I recommend this only for single-product focused posts—such as a product review—or for call-to-action buttons. Try these two examples: Add to cart | Product page / don’t add to cart
  • Link Localization—This will run a search for the product name in another country’s store when a visitor is on your website from a different country. Join the Amazon affiliate countries in multiple countries and you can monetize purchase from those separate countries. If your content is English, then you should at least join the Amazon affiliate programs for the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Canada link localized

Making quick product links

With all your options configured, adding a product to a page or post is easy!

  1. In your post editor, click the “EasyAzon” button.
  2. Search for your product.
  3. Pick the link type for the product you find.
  4. Choose options for this link type and optionally override any defaults.
  5. Insert.

You’ll end up with a shortcode surrounded by square brackets. Either Preview or Publish the post to see how your links will look.

Fresh Bundle Master for product bundles

Fresh Bundle Master can take Amazon link-creation much further by allowing you to combine products into bundles. On click, these bundles will automatically add to the visitor’s cart with the quantities you specify.

Embedding styles

Your particular bundle may be suited for a particular display style. Fresh Bundle Master provides several options.

Every style is also responsive and will change its layout appropriately on mobile devices.

Info List

For each product in the bundle, display a thumbnail, title, and list price. This is good for when you want to display more information about each product in the bundle.

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”heil_pr40_basic_kit_001″ layout=”list” custom_title=”” custom_buy_button=”” custom_rrp=”” custom_cta=”” custom_saving=”” custom_last_update=”” custom_variations_title=”” ]


Select a featured product to display prominently plus a list of thumbnails and titles for additional products. This is great when you’ve built a bundle around a single product. For example, an Xbox One console plus extra controllers and recommended games.

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”heil_pr40_basic_kit_001″ layout=”featuredlist” featured=”B002OSQ9TC” custom_title=”” ribbon_text=”” custom_buy_button=”” custom_rrp=”” custom_cta=”” custom_saving=”” custom_last_update=”” custom_variations_title=”” ]

Photo Tiles

Select a featured product, and display just like “Focused,” but with only larger images for each product. This works well for products that are clearly recognizable from their images, like clothing, movies, or video games.

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”heil_pr40_basic_kit_001″ layout=”tiles” featured=”B002OSQ9TC” custom_title=”” ribbon_text=”” custom_buy_button=”” custom_rrp=”” custom_cta=”” custom_saving=”” custom_last_update=”” custom_variations_title=”” ]

The Spinner

Select a primary item and display the products in a coverflow-like interface. I don’t recommend this because of its usability, performance, and practicality.

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”heil_pr40_basic_kit_001″ layout=”carousel” featured=”B002OSQ9TC” custom_title=”” custom_buy_button=”” custom_rrp=”” custom_cta=”” custom_saving=”” custom_last_update=”” custom_variations_title=”” ]

Auto Grid

Display products in two, three, or four columns with thumbnails and titles. This is great for equal-priority products (like buying several seasons of a TV show).

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”heil_pr40_basic_kit_001″ layout=”grid” columns=”2″ custom_title=”” custom_buy_button=”” custom_rrp=”” custom_cta=”” custom_saving=”” custom_last_update=”” custom_variations_title=”” ]

Plugin options

You don’t get a lot of settings to configure with Fresh Bundle Master.

  • Country—unfortunately, you can’t internationalize bundles.
  • AWS public and secret keys
  • Single Amazon affiliate tag

Additionally, you can adjust caching and display styles (CSS), and even add your own CSS class to the button. Otherwise, your theme’s CSS will be inherited.

Making product bundles

Unlike EasyAzon Pro, you must create your Bundles through a separate interface before you can embed them on your site.

To create a bundle:

  1. Go to Bundle Master > Create Bundle Wizard.
  2. Search for a product.
  3. Select the right product and click “Add Item to Bundle.”
  4. You may then select related products, too.
  5. When you’re finished, click “Finish & Save Bundle.”
  6. Adjust the quantities for any products.
  7. Enter a name for this bundle and click “Save Bundle.”

To insert a bundle into a page or post:

  1. Go to your page or post editor.
  2. Click the “Insert Bundle” button in the TinyMCE toolbar.
  3. Select the bundle to insert and click Next.
  4. Select the layout to use and click Next.
  5. “Focused,” “Photo Tiles,” and “The Spinner” require that you select a featured or primary item.
  6. Change any of the default text labels and click Next.
  7. Preview your bundle and click Save.

Recommend, sell, and profit

EasyAzon Pro and Fresh Bundle Master won’t make you rich. But it does make it much easier for you to recommend products in your blog posts or podcast shownotes, it allows your audience to easily get information and buy the products they want, and it rewards you by helping you make money from your blog or podcast.

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