iTunes will not accept new podcast submissions December 21–28

iTunes Podcasts App logoMake sure you submit your new podcasts quickly, because iTunes will temporarily close the iTunes submissions for a Christmas break, December 21–28, 2012.

Dear Podcast Provider,

iTunes podcast submission system will be offline from approximately December 21, 2012 through December 27, 2012 (Pacific). During this time, you will be unable to submit new podcasts to the iTunes Store. New episodes may appear in existing podcasts in iTunes Store slower than usual due to increased seasonal system load. Full functionality to the iTunes podcast submission system will be restored on or about December 28, 2012.

As always, you can continue to manage & edit podcasts that are already on the iTunes Store through their associated RSS feeds.


The iTunes Podcast & Radio Team

Do not panic that over “New episodes may appear in existing podcasts in iTunes Store slower than usual,” because this is referring to only how your podcast and its episodes display in the iTunes podcast directory.

Anyone who is already subscribed or subscribes during this time will still receive your latest episode(s). When someone subscribes with iTunes or almost any other podcatcher, they subscribe directly to your RSS feed and will receive any updates that it pushes out, according to their own update frequency settings (usually daily).

If you planned to submit a new podcast to iTunes, do it before December 21, or else wait until after December 28.

  • Nick Seuberling

    I’ve submitted numerous podcasts to iTunes over the years. Would be nice to be contacted directly about these “outtages”. Not that I mind coming to your blog to read about this Daniel. Thank you for the heads up.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Keep checking your email. You’ll receive it today because they’re emailing everyone who has an email address in the podcast directory. This is similar to when they announced the spec and cover art update.

      • Nick Seuberling

        I also didn’t get those emails. I had to discover the specs announcement from elsewhere.

        • cwfgamecast

          Nick, don’t feel alone. I’ve never received any of this sort of e-mail from iTunes despite having my e-mail address in their podcast directory.

  • Jim Caso

    I submitted a podcast on 12/22 and it posted on iTunes.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Maybe that’s the one familyless workaholic who approved your podcast during the break. :)