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After several podcasts were recorded in front of a live audience at PodCamp Ohio, I hosted a panel with most of the podcast hosts as we discuss our equipment and workflow for live-podcasting.

Live podcasts at PodCamp Ohio

Podcasting equipment used among the hosts

Podcasting software used among the hosts

Why podcast live?

  • Improves mic-presence
  • Builds community and allows the community to contribute to the show
  • Encourages better preproduction resulting in a better flow when you record
  • Can encourage you against spending too much time in postproduction
  • Scheduling a regular live show creates accountability
  • Committing to a schedule results in consistent release schedule and thus more episodes

General answers on podcasting

  • Editing takes a lot of time, avoid it by honing your on-camera skills. Stop saying, “we’ll fix that in post”!
  • One episode per week seems the sweet spot for subscribers
  • Use the mixer’s equalizer settings to enhance your audio as it’s recorded instead of postprocessing
  • Releasing video seems to promote your podcast a lot more, but still offer an audio edition and remember to maintain a context for the audio-only subscribers
  • Video podcasts require a lot more bandwidth, use a provider like or Libsyn so you don’t crash your own server
  • Apple TV and Google TV may drastically increase the demand for video content, look at what NetFlix is doing by being on nearly all high-end media devices
  • Use or TubeMogul to upload your video media once and distribute it in various formats

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