Chris’s Dynamic Compressor plugin for Audacity

After our loss of Chris Capel, his fabulous work on Chris’s Dynamic Compressor needed a new home. For now, I’ll host it here and will update this page with instructions.

Download now

How to install

  1. Download Chris’s Dynamic Compressor plugin for Audacity.
  2. Double-click the zipped file to open or extract it.
  3. Move “compress.ny” to Audacity’s plug-ins folder.
    • OS X: Applications/Audacity/plug-ins
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Audacity\plugins
    • Linux: /usr/share/audacity/plug-ins, /usr/local/share/audacity/plug-ins, or ~/.audacity-files/plug-ins
  4. Restart Audacity.
  5. “Compress Dynamics” will appear in the Effect menu.

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