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Tools and training to help you podcast better, created by Daniel J. Lewis.

Daniel's Audacious Egg Nog recipe

"Insanely delicious" egg nog that's easy to make, alcohol-free, cooked for creamy safety, and doesn't waste egg whites.

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My Podcast Reviews

See and share all your podcast reviews from every country

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Social Subscribe & Follow Icons

Add social icons for bloggers and podcasters with strong calls to action that are beautiful on retina devices

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Zoom H6 for Podcasters (video course)

This video course covers internal recording, mix minus, interfacing via USB, and everything you need to know to use the Zoom H6 multitrack recorder for podcasting.

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SEO for Podcasters (video course)

A complete search-engine optimization (SEO) course designed specifically for the needs of podcasters! Rank better in iTunes, be more findable through Google, and help people engage more with your...

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