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Farewell, Noodle Mix Network!

The network is retiring but the shows are continuing. Here's more information.

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What New Data Suggests about Podcast-Hosting Customers

Here are interesting correlations between the seriousness of podcasts and the hosting companies they use.

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Kicked from Apple Podcasts? What Happens When You Keyword-Stuff Podcast Tags – TAP334

Apple is cracking down on keyword-stuffing in podcast tags. Here's information from testing and experience to help you protect your podcast!

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How to Recover from a Failed Podcast – TAP333

A podcast failure doesn't mean you should quit podcasting. Here are 9 steps to help you recover and keep moving forward!

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Why You Should NOT Publish Audio Podcasts on YouTube – TAP332

Many podcasting tools offer the ability to automatically crosspost your audio podcast to YouTube. Here are eleven reasons I think you shouldn't do that.

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How to Work with Other Podcasters – TAP331

Working with other podcasters can be energizing, but it can also feed your inner troll. Here's how you can build friendships instead of enemies in podcasting.

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