Best Microphones for Video Podcasting

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While audio podcasting allows for large, high-quality microphones, video podcasting is a bit different. Your audience needs to see you, and you probably want the freedom to move your hands around or even move yourself around. Thus, video podcasting needs different kinds of microphones. 

Electro-Voice RE50 handheld interview mic

Electro-Voice RE50N/D-L Handheld Interview Omnidirectional Microphone with N/DYM Capsule and Long Handle, 80-13000Hz, 9.5' Length, Semi-Gloss Black Finish

For video interviews or handheld-microphone recordings, the Electro-Voice RE50 is a fantastic choice! The RE50 is designed for hand-holding with internal shock protection and a durable design. The dynamic mic capsule is omnidirectional, which is far more forgiving when you might accidentally be off-axis from the mic.

The RE50 comes in a few variations (RE50/B, RE50N/D-B, and RE50N/D-L), but I recommend the RE50N/D-L because it requires less gain and the long handle makes it more comfortable to hold.

Where to buy the RE5ON/D-L:


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