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One comment on “Contact

  1. Podcasting Univ says:

    You really need to drop your association with Audacity. Everything you preach about the loudness compliance, they scoff at. I am going to start a campaign, spending thousands of dollars, going against them. You web address will come up. Just letting you know. Dana Tucker.

  2. Alex Dali Rizo says:

    Hi Daniel, it was such a pleasure to see you in person again, this time in Podcast Movement. Do you mind if I ask you a question about Podcast? I know you are very busy, this is the question just in case: I have been asked to be the spanish speaking host of a 30 min weekly Interview format Podcast, I do not know how much to charge? any reference? I will be doing also the recording, editing, adding ID3 tags and posting in Libsyn and Youtube this the show notes. Any advice or recommendations Greatly appreciated Daniel. Thanks so much for everything you are doing in this industry.

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