Personal podcast consulting

Whether you want to start a podcast, you are looking to improve your podcast or website, or you need help fixing a problem, I would love to help you through one of two ways:

  1. Join Podcasters' Society and have access to several podcasting experts, resources, training, and more.
  2. Request a one-on-one consultant through the form below.

Mixer with question markPersonalized one-on-one podcast consulting can help you with many of your podcasting needs:

  • hashing out ideas,
  • setting up your website,
  • choosing the right podcasting gear,
  • connecting and adjusting audio equipment,
  • how to edit video or audio podcasts,
  • how to use WordPress,
  • fixing podcasting and website problems,
  • promoting your podcast and growing your audience,
  • using social media,
  • and more!

3 comments on “Personal podcast consulting

  1. David Miller says:

    I do not wish to have a paid consulting session. I simply wish to have basic support on the Social Subscribe & Follow Icons plugin that I paid for. It doesn’t work anymore and my subscription comes due at end of July. The plug in has vanished from my site!! Once again, this is not a paid consultation it is a request fro normal support on a product I have licensed from you

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