Best Microphones for Podcasting

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Samson Q2U studio mic

This is the mic to start with if you’re on a budget. It’s even great to get an extra for mobile use!

Like the Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB and AT2005USB, the Samson Q2U is a dynamic, cardioid microphone that can connect directly to your computer via USB. It can also (and simultaneously) connect to professional audio equipment via XLR.

But here's what makes the Q2U a better choice (but the other two are still good):

  • About 3 dB louder output, so you don't have to push the gain so much
  • A 4 inch (10 cm) mic-stand riser, so you can get the mic closer to your voice
  • Lower price, usually around $60 (USD) and frequent sales drop it as low as $40

Where to buy the Q2U

Recommend accessories

Electro-Voice RE320 studio mic

For fantastic audio quality and a natural sound, I recommend the Electro-Voice RE320 dynamic, cardioid microphone. This mic connects to professional audio equipment via XLR. It’s more sensitive than its competitors, and that means you don’t have risk introducing hiss in your audio by turning up the gain on your preamp.

Where to buy the RE320

Electro-Voice RE50 handheld interview mic

For video interviews or handheld-microphone recordings, the Electro-Voice RE50 is a fantastic choice! The RE50 is designed for hand-holding with internal shock protection and a durable design. The dynamic mic capsule is omnidirectional, which is far more forgiving when you might accidentally be off-axis from the mic.

The RE50 comes in a few variations (RE50/B, RE50N/D-B, and RE50N/D-L), but I recommend the RE50N/D-L because it requires less gain and the long handle makes it more comfortable to hold.

Where to buy the RE5ON/D-L:

Pro Lavalier Lapel Microphone JK MIC-J 044

This lavalier microphone is surprisingly good for its low cost.

Where to buy the JK MIC-J 044