Best Mixers for Podcasting

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RØDECaster pro

The RØDECaster Pro is the new ultimate podcasting mixer, recorder, and interface all in one! Connect up to 4 XLR microphones, easily mix-minus with calls through multiple devices, and adjust volume individually for up to four headphones! Plus, record in split multitrack to the storage card or to your PC via USB.

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Recommended accessories

Mackie ProFX8v2

Mackie makes some of the best mixers with reasonable prices! Their preamps are often considered higher quality than competitors. The ProFX8v2 supports up to 4 XLR microphones and up to 3 stereo inputs. The FX and Monitor sends can be used for mix-minus setups. Plus, the USB actually has an input volume control (missing from some competitors' products) and a “USB thru” feature to mix the audio from USB with the full stereo mix and loop it back to USB, which is great for live-streaming.
The only features the ProFX8v2 is missing are built-in compression and inserts for connecting an external compressor/limiter/gate. However, inserts are available on the slightly larger ProFX12v2.

If you need a mixer for podcasting, this is a great choice!

Where to buy the ProFX8v2: