Personal podcast consulting

Whether you want to start a podcast, you are looking to improve your podcast or website, or you need help fixing a problem, I would love to help you!

Mixer with question markI offer personalized one-on-one consulting to meet your needs:

  • hashing out ideas,
  • setting up your website,
  • choosing the right podcasting gear,
  • connecting and adjusting audio equipment,
  • how to edit video or audio podcasts,
  • how to use WordPress,
  • fixing podcasting and website problems,
  • promoting your podcast and growing your audience,
  • using social media,
  • and more!

When we have a consulting session, I share my screen and camera to teach you the how-tos, demonstrate techniques, adjust settings, and answer your questions.

After we finish our session, I send you the complete recording for no extra charge so that you can review the information at your convenience.

My one-on-one consulting rate is $250 per hour with a minimum of one hour.

I would love to work with you and help you succeed online! Use the form below to request a consulting session.

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