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The image associated with your podcast is called your “podcast cover art” (also known as “podcast artwork,” and “album art”).

If you have poorly designed or—worse—default podcast cover art, then you could be hurting your podcast by turning away potential listeners.

Why you need good podcast cover art

I design good podcast artwork

Look at my growing portfolio below to see how I can make your podcast stand out.

What you get for $300

  • Podcast artwork at 2,048 × 2,048 pixels. iTunes’ maximum spec for podcast cover art, to ensure your album art looks crisp on high-resolution devices.
  • Still looks great at 73 × 73 pixels. This is the search-result size for anything in the iTunes Store. At this size, you can’t read much text, but your potential listeners will recognize your podcast and get the idea of what it’s about.
  • You can use the image anywhere, on your website, in email, on a business card. Anywhere!

Optional extras

  • Banners. Get a website banner to promote your podcast, such as 468 × 60 px. or 125 × 250 px., each extra size is only $100.
  • Header image. Turn your podcast artwork into a header for your website (1,000 × 200 px.) for an extra $150.
  • Basic website styling. Add a specialized header image, background, and color-scheme modification of any WordPress theme you choose for an extra $300. Your website will look unique and well branded to your podcast.

Request cover art or call (859) 353-4332.