Best Audio-Editing and Enhancement Apps for Podcasting

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Adobe Audition

There comes a point in most podcasters' lives where they want to do more and do it better and faster than what Audacity can offer. When we switched from Audacity to Adobe Audition, it made much of our audio-editing faster, easier, and even gave us better tools to make the audio better!

Compression, loudness-normalization, MP3-encoding, multitrack-recording, and more are all included with Adobe Audition. Plus, their Essential Sound panel makes many complicated enhancements as easy as a few clicks!


Compression, loudness-normalization, and noise-reduction can be daunting in nearly any audio-editing app. But Auphonic makes it as easy as it could be, with even some extra control if you need more versatility!

Auphonic is available in two editions: a web version with monthly free and paid-subscription allotments of audio-processing hours, and a one-time-purchase Desktop Leveler app for Windows and macOS. The web version gets the latest technologies first, and is actually slightly superior, but the Desktop Leveler is faster and you only pay once for unlimited use.


Simplify and automate your podcast production! Alitu can easily stitch together multiple audio, automatically add your intro and outro audio branding, enhance your audio quality, add ID3 tags, and publish to your podcast host. This makes it fast and easy to go from a raw recording to a published episode.

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