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Apple’s iOS 11, Podcast Analytics, and Podcasting Spec Update – TAP310

At the 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced several big changes that will help podcasters and podcast-consumers. Here's what you need to know.

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7 Promotion Strategies for Current-Events Podcasts – TAP309

Podcast episodes about current events (including fan shows) may not have a long life, but you can still use them to promote and grow your podcast!

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6 Ways to Make Your Content Live Longer – TAP308

"Long tail" is when a podcast has a long life of relevance and consumption. Learn how to keep your old episodes alive and use them to grow your audience.

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Why and How Your Podcast Needs Loudness Normalization – TAP307

Loudness normalization conforms audio to a perceived loudness level. Learn why that's important in podcasting and how to make your podcast meet the standard.

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How to Move Podcast Hosts and Your RSS Feed – TAP306

Moving podcast hosting companies and keeping your subscribers doesn't have to be complicated. Here's what you need to know, especially to avoid losing your entire audience.

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Is There an Ideal Length for Podcast Episodes? – TAP305

Episode length is sometimes a heated discussion in podcasting. There's helpful data from different sources. But what's right for your podcast? I'll help you decide!

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