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How to Apply Special Effects with Audacity or a Mixer – TAP034

Make your voice or music sound crazy with these special effects that you can apply post-process (after recording) or in real-time with a mixer.

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HTML5 Audio and Video Players and Blubrry PowerPress 2.0 – TAP033

It's now possible and easy for you to upgrade your podcast website to support an HTML5 audio/video player, but not leave Flash Player behind.

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Truth about iTunes Subscriptions and Dropped pingPodcast – TAP032

What you've heard about iTunes's auto "unsubscribing" and pingPodcast is probably wrong. Hear some truth plus two new launches for podcasters.

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Rethinking and More Podcasts about Podcasting – TAP031

I'm rethinking the "podcaster's theme" for WordPress, the podcast megasite, and weekly podcast schedule. I also share more podcasts about podcasting.

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One Podcast Network Megasite or Separate Podcast Sites?

When I began planning for Network in early 2010, I wrestled with a decision that I'm still questioning today: should a podcast network have a single megasite or separate sites for each podcast? There are  many advantages and disadvantages to both sides, and my following thoughts may not be complete. So I highly value...

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Rethinking the Podcaster's Theme for WordPress

UPDATE: I now recommend these three WordPress theme-makers for podcasting: StudioPress (my first choice), Appendipity, Elegant Themes, and Thesis. If you've listened to The Audacity to Podcast™, you know that I've talked about making a WordPress theme specifically for podcasters. Combined with my background in web design with my own podcasting, I can see many things...

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