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6 Tips for Picking a Good Domain for Your Podcast or Website

Your domain is one of the most-important parts of your branding, and it’s how people will get to your website from anything other than a hyperlink. I share six tips for creating your domain.

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Subscribe & Follow WordPress Widget for Your Website

If you've been on the Network website much, you're probably familiar with my Subscribe & Follow widget in the right-hand side. I'm a professional web designer, so I put a lot of thought into the functionality and usability of the widget for helping people subscribe to your single or multiple podcasts or RSS feeds....

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How to List New Podcast Episodes in WordPress with Custom PHP in Six Steps

If you don't know PHP, it can be tricky to figure out how to list your latest podcast episodes on your WordPress site. The method I will share with you is do it for each of my podcasts in the sidebar. This works in WordPress 3.0. Pick a tag for your podcast posts, like...

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New Feedburner, Facebook RSS Graffiti, GarageBand ’11, and More

Google updated Feedburner with mostly real-time stats, Apple released GarageBand '11, easily get your podcast into Facebook with RSS Graffiti, TechPodcasts Network, Podcast Awards, and a fellow podcaster launches Podcast Starter. Audacity tip: finding answers in the Audacity Wiki.

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Apple Updates iLife, GarageBand Updates Only for Musicians

Today, Apple and Steve Jobs announce the release of iLife '11, an update to their popular suite of home-friendly applications. Although iMovie '11 received some nice updates for audio-editing, and impressive video features, podcasting-friendly GarageBand '11 received a line of updates applicable to only musicians or wannabe musicians. This does greatly disappoint me and probably...

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