Subscribe & Follow Documentation

How to install

  1. Download the plugin from your order email or your “My Account” page.
  2. Login to your WordPress website.
  3. Go to Plugins ➜ Add New.
  4. Click “Upload.”
  5. Click “Choose file” and select the file you downloaded.
  6. Proceed with the upload.
  7. When finished, activate the plugin.
  8. Go to Settings ➜ Subscribe & Follow ➜ Activation and enter your license key.

How to manually update

  1. Log in to “My Account” page.
  2. Click on a recent purchase.
  3. Click on the .zip file to download.
  4. Copy your license key.
  5. Login to your WordPress website.
  6. Go to Plugins.
  7. Find “Social Subscribe & Follow Icons” and click “Deactivate.”
  8. Find “Social Subscribe & Follow Icons” again and click “Delete.”
  9. Go to Plugins ➜ Add New.
  10. Click “Upload.”
  11. Click “Choose file” and select the file you downloaded.
  12. Proceed with the upload.
  13. When finished, activate the plugin.
  14. Go to Settings ➜ Subscribe & Follow ➜ Activation and enter your license key.

How to Use

  1. Go to Settings ➜ Subscribe & Follow.
  2. Add or arrange your links in the “Network URLs” tab.
  3. Click “Save Changes.”
  4. Switch to the “Display options” tab and adjust colors, fonts, size, or alignment to your liking.
  5. Click “Save Changes.”
  6. Add Subscribe & Follow to your website with either the Social Subscribe & Follow Icons widget in Appearance ➜ Widgets, or use the [saf] shortcode as explained below.

How to use the shortcode

Example defaults:

  • Network URLs: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Site-wide RSS, Podcast-only RSS, Twitter, Google+
  • Alignment: none
  • My font stack
  • My size setting

Display default networks and links

Using the standard shortcode will output all your populated links, use default alignment, and not feature anything.



Include only select networks with default links

[saf include='NETWORKS']

Where “NETWORKS” is a lowercase, comma-separated list of networks you wish to include in this instance.

  • applepodcasts
  • googlepodcasts
  • spotify
  • pandora
  • stitcher
  • miro
  • rss
  • podcastrss
  • soundcloud
  • tunein
  • spreaker
  • iheartradio
  • blubrry
  • podbean
  • googleplaymusic
  • overcast
  • pocketcasts
  • spoke
  • castbox
  • radiopublic
  • plex
  • subscribebyemail
  • podchaser
  • luminary
  • radiodotcom
  • playerfm
  • breaker
  • listennotes
  • podknife
  • bullhorn
  • deezer
  • anchor
  • gaana
  • podhero
  • youtube
  • vimeo
  • periscope
  • twitch
  • mixer
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • linkedin
  • tumblr
  • pinterest
  • mix
  • snapchat
  • reddit
  • diaspora
  • gnusocial
  • mastodon
  • whatsapp
  • tiktok
  • discord
  • flickr
  • instagram
  • dribbble
  • apple
  • android
  • windows
  • appleappstore
  • googleplay
  • patreon
  • etsy
  • venmo
  • paypal
  • cashapp
  • buymeacoffee
  • goodreads
  • github
  • stackoverflow
  • speakpipe
  • slideshare
  • feedly
  • slack
  • quora
  • medium
  • skype
  • alexa
  • amazon
  • audible
  • email


[saf include="applepodcasts,rss"]

Feature a network

[saf feature="NETWORK"]

Where “NETWORK” is a single network that you want to feature. Its network name will be displayed in plain English:

  • applepodcasts: "Apple Podcasts"
  • googlepodcasts: "Google Podcasts"
  • spotify: "Spotify"
  • pandora: "Pandora"
  • stitcher: "Stitcher"
  • miro: "Miro"
  • rss: "RSS"
  • podcastrss: "Podcast RSS"
  • soundcloud: "SoundCloud"
  • tunein: "TuneIn"
  • spreaker: "Spreaker"
  • iheartradio: "iHeartRadio"
  • blubrry: "Blubrry"
  • podbean: "Podbean"
  • googleplaymusic: "Google Play Music"
  • overcast: "Overcast"
  • pocketcasts: "Pocket Casts"
  • spoke: "Spoke"
  • castbox: "Castbox"
  • radiopublic: "RadioPublic"
  • plex: "Plex"
  • subscribebyemail: "Subscribe by Email"
  • podchaser: "Podchaser"
  • luminary: "Luminary"
  • radiodotcom: ""
  • playerfm: "Player FM"
  • breaker: "breaker"
  • listennotes: "Listen Notes"
  • podknife: "Podknife"
  • bullhorn: "Bullhorn"
  • deezer: "Deezer"
  • anchor: "Anchor"
  • gaana: "Gaana"
  • podhero: "Podhero"
  • youtube: "YouTube"
  • vimeo: "Vimeo"
  • periscope: "Periscope"
  • twitch: "Twitch"
  • mixer: "Mixer"
  • twitter: "Twitter"
  • facebook: "Facebook"
  • linkedin: "LinkedIn"
  • tumblr: "Tumblr"
  • pinterest: "Pinterest"
  • mix: "Mix"
  • snapchat: "Snapchat"
  • reddit: "Reddit"
  • diaspora: "diaspora*"
  • gnusocial: "GNU Social"
  • mastodon: "Mastodon"
  • whatsapp: "WhatsApp"
  • tiktok: "TikTok"
  • discord: "Discord"
  • flickr: "Flickr"
  • instagram: "Instagram"
  • dribbble: "Dribbble"
  • apple: "Apple"
  • android: "Android"
  • windows: "Windows"
  • appleappstore: "Apple App Store"
  • googleplay: "Google Play Store"
  • patreon: "Patreon"
  • etsy: "Etsy"
  • venmo: "Venmo"
  • paypal: "PayPal"
  • cashapp: "Cash App"
  • buymeacoffee: "Buy Me a Coffee"
  • goodreads: "GoodReads"
  • github: "GitHub"
  • stackoverflow: "Stack Overflow"
  • speakpipe: "SpeakPipe"
  • slideshare: "Slideshare"
  • feedly: "Feedly"
  • slack: "Slack"
  • quora: "Quora"
  • medium: "Medium"
  • skype: "Skype"
  • alexa: "Alexa"
  • amazon: "Amazon"
  • audible: "Audible"
  • email: "Email"

You can override this text with a special call to action, such as “Listen on Appl Podcasts”

[saf feature="NETWORK" cta="CALL-TO-ACTION"]

Where “CALL-TO-ACTION” is the text you want to be displayed.

You may include multiple networks in a feature, but the call-to-action text cannot be used.


[saf feature="twitter" cta="Follow me on Twitter"]

Override a network link


Where “NETWORK” is the network you wish to override (or set if not in your defaults). “NEWLINK” is the URL you want it to link to. Overriding a network link will automatically include it, so you don't need to use “include” for that network. You can combine overrides with a feature, and even override the feature itself.


Using the default Twitter link (

[saf include="twitter"]

Overriding with a different link (

[saf twitter=""]

Change alignment

[saf align='ALIGNMENT']

Where “ALIGNMENT” is the alignment you want for this instance: none, left, right, center. Using “none” makes this an inline element that can sit next to another instance of the shortcode, in case you want two featured buttons

This alignment is different from the WordPress alignments for pictures. Each alignment, besides “none,” will prevent text from flowing around it.


[saf align="center"]

[saf align="right"]

[saf feature="applepodcasts" align="none"] [saf feature="twitter" align="none"]

Show or hide labels

[saf labels="yes/no"]

Set this option to no to hide the labels on the icons (but not the button). This is recommended only if the icons are well known.


[saf labels="yes"] or [saf]

[saf labels="no"]


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