Subscribe & Follow FAQ

How do I install/update/use this?

Please click here for the documentation page.

The icons are little boxes on my site; how do I fix that?

When the little boxes display instead of icons, this is usually due to caching. When you update Social Subscribe & Follow Icons, ensure you clear all caching for your site:
  • Page cache: this is usually from a caching plugin on your site, like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Cache Enabler, WP Rocket, or page-caching provided by your web host.
  • CDN: this is usually a service provided by your web hosting company, Cloudflare, or something else you set up.

What else can I do if clearing my caches didn't replace the boxes with icons?

In some hosting or caching configurations, you may need to exclude the Social Subscribe & Follow Icons CSS file from being combined into a single CSS file. So please add the following URL to such exclusions: /wp-content/plugins/subscribe-and-follow/css/style.css

Where do I go for more help?

Please email with detailed information about the problem you're facing. We may ask for a temporary admin account to your site so we can investigate or fix the problem for you.