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Should You Limit Your Available Podcast Episodes?

As you podcast consistently, you'll build up a back catalog of episodes. But should you keep all of those episodes available?

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Are Podcasting 2.0 Micropayments Actually Worth It?

Podcasting 2.0 introduced a new way for your audience to support your podcast by sending micropayments. This is usually measured by satoshis (abbreviated as "sats"), which are one hundred millionths of a Bitcoin. As such a small portion of cryptocurrency, many people might wonder whether the effort is even worth the return.

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8 Ways to Improve Your Podcast Description

Your podcast description gives you SEO benefits and the vital opportunity to convince a potential audience to try your podcast.

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Follow The Future of Podcasting Now!

I've teamed up with Dave Jackson, from School of Podcasting, to discuss the future of podcasting! We seek to inform you about trends, Podcasting 2.0, and more to help you make your podcast better for yourself and your audience, and we work to explain things in an understandable way.

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Best Podcasting Microphones in 2023

While there can be many great podcast microphones, depending on your needs, here are what I think are the BEST podcasting microphones.

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Best Audio-Editing Apps for Podcasting in 2023

Whether you're just starting your podcast or you've been podcasting for a while, you might find some things easier by using better tools. Here are the audio-editing apps I recommend most for podcasting in 2023.

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