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Why Clubhouse Might Be Untrustworthy with Your Contacts

UPDATE from March 5, 2021 While the below information is still important to consider, I must point out that Clubhouse updated their Privacy Policy on March 5, 2021: Networks and connections: We collect information about the people, accounts, and clubs you are connected to and how you interact with them through our Service. If you...

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Can AI Help You Podcast?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, bots—all degrees of AI that have big promises and even some compelling results. But can they help you podcast, maybe even helping you grow your podcast?

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Why “It's Not Hurting Their Podcast” Is Invalid Thinking

I hear this excuse a lot in podcasting. Whether it's to defend or oppose, some podcasters seem to think that everything a successful podcaster does is directly contributing toward their success. It usually sounds like this: “XYZ does / doesn't do thing and it hasn't hurt their show!” While that might seem logical, it's based...

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When You Can't Podcast, Write

I started The Audacity to Podcast as an audio podcast more than 10 years ago (the first episode was published on June 17, 2010), and I had a single motivation in mind: I believed I had something to say about podcasting that wasn't already being said. That's not a motivation born from arrogance, but from...

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