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Sports Sounds Pro, Giving Back to Podcasters, and Making Friends [Feedback] – TAP028

I comment on feedback regarding another sound cart manager (soundboard), friends made through podcasting, listeners giving back to podcasters, and a podcasting goal for 2011. Audacity tip: importing M4A (AAC), WMA, FLAC, and other special audio files.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Podcasters – TAP027

Don't forget your podcast in planning your new year's resolutions! I share five suggested goals to improve your podcasting in 2011.

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10 Ways to Give Back to Your Listeners – TAP026

In the spirit of Christmas, I want to inspire you find new ways to give back to your listeners, if you aren’t already.

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Zoom H4n Firmware Update Helps Marriages (Manslater)

Fresh on the heels of the Zoom H4n 1.7 firmware comes a totally new update that will revolutionize your marriage or dating. They call it the Manslater! Watch this funny video, starring our beloved . Via Mashable.

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How to make your podcast shownotes easy to get to – TAP024

The accessibility of podcast shownotes is important, but forgotten by most podcasters. Learn how to make short, easy-to-use URLs with Pretty Link for each of your podcast episodes.

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