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Audacity and iTunes—Making Not-LAME MP3s – TAP010

LAME is still the best MP3 encoder, but further tests and conversations reveal that it just may not be the best for podcasting.

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4 reasons why you shouldn't use Audacity? – TAP009

I address four of someone else's reasons why you shouldn't use Audacity. also share news about the BlackBerry Podcasts app for BlackBerry Smartphones.

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Website Stats and Feedburner's RSS Subscriber Stats – TAP008

You have probably heard a lot of false things about stats, especially Feedburner's RSS stats. I'm here to tell you the truth! Make sure you listen to the episode because I explain everything in much more detail than I'm writing in the shownotes.

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How to make LAME MP3s with Audacity – TAP006

Stop making crappy MP3s with Audacity and LAME! I tell you how to encode MP3s the way LAME was designed to, so you get a great audio quality and small file size.

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How to use Chris's Dynamic Compressor for great volume in Audacity – TAP005

Adobe Audition has its fantastic multiband compressor, but did you know you can get fantastic audio compression from a free plugin to Audacity?

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