Aputure AL-F7

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For mobile video lighting, you need something small and battery-powered. The Aputure AL-F7 is my preferred mobile LED light! Aputure LED lights are known for having excellent CRI ratings (for accurate color rendering).

The AL-F7 offers adjustable, flicker-free lighting. And what makes the AL-F7 even more versatile is that you can adjust the color temperature from 3200K to 9500K in order to match and complement existing ambient light! So you could, for example, adjust to around 5500K to complement neutral sunlight, drop to around 3400K to complement warm incandescent lights, or try around 4100K if you're shooting around fluorescent lights. Or use the AL-F7 as a discreet accent light for special effects!

You can power the AL-F7 with Sony-NP–style batteries (or an adapter), or even any USB battery pack over USB-C. 

Where to buy the AL-F7:

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