The Audacity to Podcast™ is a podcast about podcasting (that’s so meta!), but in a unique format from others. While there are plenty of other places to learn about podcasting, Daniel J. Lewis enjoys taking an in-depth approach and is the only podcaster to feature and regularly focus on Audacity, the free audio-editor for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

About the host, Daniel J. Lewis

Daniel J. LewisI have a passion for creativity! I’ve been podcasting since 2007, which is when I launched my clean-comedy podcast. Audacity was my immediate audio-editor of choice, since I’d already used it for video- and audio-production. I also frequently podcast Christian movie reviews with critical thinking.

Other podcasters and small businesses need quality design, which is why I continue to offer professional freelance web, presentation, and podcast cover art design services. Go ahead and ask me to design something for you.

I’m also available for speaking on podcasting, social media, or design; and one-on-one podcast consulting. Contact me and I’ll be happy to help you!

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