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The 5 Kinds of People You Should Have in Your Circle – TAP314

You are influenced by the people around you. So here is who you should have in your circle to help your podcast succeed.

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How to Get Press Access for Your Podcast – TAP313

Press access can get you sneak peeks, free trials, and more value for your audience. Here are 11 tips to help your podcast get these special media privileges.

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The Powerful Independence of Podcasting – TAP312

While Americans celebrate their independence on July 4, we podcasters can celebrate our independence with every episode! Here's what makes the independence of podcasting so powerful.

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How to Reignite Your Passion in Podcasting – TAP311

You may sometimes fall into a podcasting rut and you've lost your passion. Here are 9 tips to help you get out of the funk and back to your podcast!

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Apple’s iOS 11, Podcast Analytics, and Podcasting Spec Update – TAP310

At the 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced several big changes that will help podcasters and podcast-consumers. Here's what you need to know.

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7 Promotion Strategies for Current-Events Podcasts – TAP309

Podcast episodes about current events (including fan shows) may not have a long life, but you can still use them to promote and grow your podcast!

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