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Nomono Sound Capsule Packs a Complete Wireless Podcasting Studio in a Small Kit

The most impressive thing I saw at Podcast Movement 2022 was Nomono's Sound Capsule. This replaces multiple pieces of audio equipment and processing software to capture high-quality audio with great simplicity. The Sound Capsule comes with four wireless microphones, which record into separate tracks. The smart hardware and software processing reduces the crossover audio between...

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Edit Videos Easier with Descript's New “Storyboard”

Descript made editing podcast audio as easy as editing a document. Now, they've made editing video just as easy! The feature is called “Storyboard.” It lets you edit your videos with the same familiar tools as you get with editing text: like select, cut, copy, and paste. Descript also includes features to improve the audio...

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Capsho's AI helps you write podcast show notes, marketing, and more

I've become a fan of how artificial intelligence (AI) can help you podcast better. While I highly recommend Jasper for AI-assisted writing, Jasper isn't designed to serve the unique needs of podcasters. That's where Capsho comes in! Capsho is an “AI-powered podcast copywriter.” You start by uploading your podcast audio file. Capsho automatically generates a...

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Celebrating 15 Years of Podcasting

Want to celebrate with me? Today (April 2) marks my 15th anniversary in podcasting!

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Support Daniel J. Lewis's Run for The Podcast Academy Board of Governors

The Podcast Academy was founded a couple years ago to advance the podcasting industry and the podcastERS like you and me. The problem is that there hasn't been much representation of podcasters like you and me—especially the indies. I hope to change that by joining the board of governors!

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Premium Subscriptions and More Coming to Apple Podcasts

In Apple's live-streamed presentation on April 20, 2021, they announced several new products and offerings. But in only a couple minutes, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned Apple Podcasts with announcements that will affect the whole industry.

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