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Get USB Loopback, Better Preamps, and Audio Enhancement in Focusrite's 3rd-Generation Scarlett Audio Interfaces

Focusrite makes my favorite USB audio interfaces. The new 3rd-generation Scarlett models bring improved audio quality with new preamps and more gain, audio enhancement, USB loopback, USB-C connectivity, and more! Thanks to John DiNicola for joining me in this video! Watch all my video interviews from Podcast Movement 2019, and click here to see the...

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Libsyn Now Offers Podcast-Training in Spanish, IAB-Certified Podcast Stats, and Expanded Distribution

Libsyn is the #1 commercial podcast hosting provider and is bringing new updates!

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Get Support for Great Podcast Ideas with Voxnest's Spreaker Prime

Do you have a great idea for a podcast but need help to get it going and promoted?

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Overcome the Fears and Finally Take Action on Your Podcast with Stop Podcrastination

It takes a lot of guts—audacity!—to podcast. But sometimes, we get and get so focused on the process without ever actually podcasting.

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Get a Rugged Mic Interface for Mobile Podcasting with CEntrance's MicPort Pro 2 and MixerFace R4

Carrying podcasting gear is rough on the equipment and everything has the potential add weight and bulk.

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Find Relevant Advertisers and Affiliates for Your Podcast with Veritone One's Influencer Bridge

Are you looking to monetize your podcast? Influencer Bridge offers a simple marketplace where you can find advertisers and affiliates that would be perfect fits for your podcast.

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