The best podcasting communities on Google+

Google recently launched Communities on Google+. These are like Facebook or LinkedIn groups: anyone can create a Google+ Community about any topic.

Podcasters like to hang out and chat with other podcasters. Google+ Communities are a great why to do this!

There are many podcasting-focused communities already popping up, but the following two are the best, most active, and where I choose to participate in podcasting discussions:

Podcasters-Google Plus Community

The Podcasters community was started by Jeffrey Powers from How to Record Podcasts. This is currently the largest and most-active podcasting community on Google+. I am also a moderator in this community.

Join the Podcasters community

Podcasting Technology Resources-Google Plus Community

The Podcasting Technology Resources community was started by Martin Brossman, who also leads the Podcasting Technology Resource Group on LinkedIn.

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