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6 Benefits of a Podcast Branding Refresh

Thinking about refreshing your podcast branding? Before I discuss the "when," let's consider how your podcast might benefit from a branding refresh.

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8 Bonus Content Ideas for Your Podcast

Bonus content can be a fun way to engage and reward your loyal podcast audience, either publicly, through an opt-in, or in a premium subscription.

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How to Choose the Right Podcast Categories

The right category can help your podcast get discovered and featured. But which categories are best for your podcast when there are so many?

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Does Your Podcast NEED Video?

Internet marketers have a new crush on video and many podcasters are starting to feel pressured to create video content. But do you need to add video?

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You MUST Disclose Whenever You're Compensated!

There are many ways to earn income through podcasting: affiliates, sponsorships, sales, and more. Disclosing when you get compensated is not only the law, but it's also a good way to earn your audience's trust!

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Debunking the Myth: “It's Not Hurting Their Podcast”

Some podcasters think everything a successful podcaster does directly contributes to their success and not holding them back. But that's false!

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