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What Is Podcasting 2.0 and Why Does It Matter?

The podcasting industry has grown a lot since its birth in 2004, but the core of what a podcast could be and what it could do hasn't changed much. Now, Podcasting 2.0 revolutionizes the industry with highly requested innovations that will help everyone on all sides of the RSS feeds.

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Celebrate International Podcast Day and Save 20% on My Podcast Reviews!

International Podcast Day is this Friday, September 30! This is a day for everyone to celebrate podcasts! It's for podcasters, for audiences, and for us to introduce others to the amazing fun and education available through podcasts!

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Monetize Your Podcast on Libsyn Regardless of Audience Size

Libsyn has partnered with AdvertiseCast to launch Libsyn Auto Ads, allowing any Libsyn-hosted podcast to monetize with programmatic ads in your podcast!

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Zencastr Adds Hosting, Editing, and Monetization for Podcasters

Zencastr makes it easy to get high-quality, multi-ender audio and video podcast recordings with your guests and cohosts. Now, they've added multiple features to help you edit and monetize your podcast!

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Plan Your Podcast Better with Podcast Studio Pro

With experience in professional film and TV writing, Podcast Studio Pro has been built specifically for the planning and organization needs of podcasters.

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Monetize and Promote Your Podcast with Buzzsprout Ads

I think Buzzsprout is the easiest-to-use podcast-hosting provider, and now they've made monetizing easy, too! Plus, you can use this to grow your own podcast!

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