Podcasting, blogging, and the law—upcoming series

Gordon FiremarkI’m very pleased to share that Gordon Firemark, an attorney with specialties in podcasting and new media law, will be joining me for the next few episodes of The Audacity to Podcast™! This will be a series of discussions covering important legal topics for you blog and podcast:

  • copyrights: using copyrighted material, fair use, Creative Commons, copyrighting your own content;
  • trademarks: being original, protecting your branding;
  • privacy policies and disclaimers: why you need a privacy policy and what it should contain, liabilities, affiliations, disclaimers; and
  • tax benefits of podcasting; turning a podcast into a business, what’s deductible, how to protect yourself.

Still time for questions!

The first two sessions on copyrights and trademarks have already been recorded and it’s fantastic content!

There’s still time to send in questions regarding privacy policies, disclaimers, and tax and business for podcasting or blogging.

More about Gordon Firemark

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