AfiliasLearn what it takes to create your own top-level domain (TLD)—that's the “.whatever”—and what you should consider, and how Afilias can help.

Afilias is a technology company that helps people get their own top-level domains and can provide the necessary technology to support it. They have assisted in making many TLDs, such as .info, .pro, .vote, and many more. ICANN is the governing organization that accepts applications for new TLDs. This has previously cost $185,000 and it opens only every few years.

To get your own TLD, you need to submit a completed, detailed application and fee (likely around $200,000) to ICANN. Then, ICANN will evaluate the application (and Afilias can help with this). If approved, you can proceed to launching with domain registrars.

Yes, the application fee is high, but it's what covers ICANN's hiring subject experts to properly and thoroughly evaluate applications.

If you start your own TLD, you'll have to implement security measures. But you can also set and police eligibility requirements and acceptable uses.

With new and sometimes unrecognizable TLDs, we need to use context and language to help clarify that something is a URL. People will soon get used to seeing these different web addresses, without your having to use “www.” or “http://” to clarify.

See Afilias to learn more or to register your own top-level domain!

Video by Daniel J. Lewis.


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12 comments on “Afilias Explains How to Get Your Own Top-Level Domain (TLD)

  1. Sriyansh Bansal says:

    how can i create new extension like .com,.in

    1. Bring lots of money and talk to Afilias about that.

    2. BlurSpirit says:

      are you trying to get a domain like or what

    3. B.H. Thompson says:

      Hey Sriyansh, in this case, .com would be seen as a second level domain while .in would be the top level domain.
      Because it already has a top level domain, namely .in, the institution who has authority over .in can, if they wish, create domains with a second level domain like .
      The authority to create a is the same authority that owns just .in , which is most likely the Indian government.
      This means that you should get permission of the Indian government to create a site with a domain name which includes any second level domain with the top level domain ending with .in .

  2. Stefano Gazziano says:

    Hello how do I check whether my desired tld already sxist ? BTW it’s .padel

  3. Hello,

    How much does it cost now in 2020?
    What is the approximate price for creating and having a new Top Level Domain?

    Thank you.

    1. I suggest you contact Affilias through the links above and they can help you.

      1. TLD seeker says:

        Is the $200k a one time fee and you own it or is it annual fee?

        1. That’s the estimated one-time fee.

  4. Suzann D Fulbright says:

    What if it is just a sport, like .ski or .sail, is that a TLD that costs 200 grand?

    1. Those are TLDs, so yes.

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