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iTunes podcast information

Everything about how your show is listed in the iTunes podcast directory (and many other podcast directories) is pulled directly from your RSS feed. Here's what you need to know to change the information.

For more information on all of these tags, look at the iTunes podcast specifications from Apple.

Show-level information

All of the following information is in order of precedence. The first option will overwrite the following options.

1. Title

Your podcast title, which could be more helpful with a tiny description (such as “the Ramen Noodle – clean-comedy podcast”).

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > Title/Description Burner > New Title
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > Feed Settings > Feed title
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > Feed Settings > Feed Title
  • WordPress Settings > General > Site Title
  • Libsyn > Settings > Edit Show Settings > Show Title, or Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Advanced Options > Show Title Override

2. Description

What people should know about your podcast before they subscribe. Make your description interesting and accurate. I like to include feedback information, too.

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Podcast summary
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes Program Summary
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes Program Summary
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes >  iTunes Program Summary
  • Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Summary

3. Number of included episodes

The total number of episodes listed depends on a lot of things. First, make sure you gave iTunes and podcast directories a podcast-only feed so blog posts don't bump out podcast episodes. (If you didn't, then see #5 below.) Then you need to raise your feed item limit in your RSS feed.

  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > Feed Settings > Show the most recent
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > Feed Settings > Show the most recent
  • PowerPress > Settings > Feeds > Show the most recent
  • WordPress Settings > Reading > Syndication feeds show the most recent
  • Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Advanced Options > Episode/Post Limit

4. Cover art

Make sure you're using a beautiful 1,400 × 1,400 image for your podcast. This should go in your RSS2 tag, ID3 tags for each episode, and especially your iTunes image tag:

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Podcast image location
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes Image
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes Image
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes > iTunes Image
  • Libsyn > Settings > Edit Show Settings > Artwork

5. Feed URL

301 redirects can work great for moving everyone to a new RSS feed. But if you submitted an all-inclusive RSS feed (blog posts and podcast episodes) and want to split to a podcast-only feed, then use the iTunes New Feed URL feature.

  • FeedBurner > Delete Feed… (with permanent redirection)
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes New Feed URL
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes New Feed URL
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes > iTunes New Feed URL
  • Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Advanced Options > Redirect Feed to this Web Address

6. Categories

FeedBurner allows you to list in up to five categories, PowerPress allows three. But iTunes will only display and feature you in whatever is your first category.

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Category and Use additional categories
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes Category and More
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes Category and More
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes > iTunes Category and More
  • Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > iTunes Categories

7. Tags (not shown)

Your podcast-level tags no longer affect your findability in iTunes. FeedBurner will allow one-word tags, PowerPress allows multi-word tags. Don't use more than 12.

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Podcast search keywords
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes Program Keywords
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes Program Keywords
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes > iTunes Program Keywords
  • Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Keywords

8. Author

This would be your name or network. In some rare cases, like for The Audacity to Podcast, you may be listed under two different authors because one is your network affiliation. In my case, this is the TechPodcasts Network.

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Podcast author
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes Talent Name
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes Talent Name
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes > iTunes Talent Name
  • WordPress Post > Author
  • Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Author

9. Website

This is a clickable link back to your website or a podcast landing page on your site.

  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > Feed Settings > Feed Landing Page URL
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > Feed Settings > Feed Landing Page URL
  • PowerPress > Settings > Feeds > Feed Landing Page URL
  • Single sites: WordPress Settings > General > Site Address
  • Multisite: Network Admin > Sites > Settings (for the selected site)
  • Libsyn > Settings > Edit Show Settings > Website Address

10. Copyright

Here's a copyright symbol for your easy copying: ©.

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Copyright message
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > Feed Settings > Copyright
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > Feed Settings > Copyright
  • PowerPress > Settings > Feeds > Copyright
  • Libsyn > Settings > Edit Show Settings > Copyright Notice

11. Clean/explicit

Mark whether your whole podcast is clean (no foul language), explicit (lots of foul language), or don't include (G to PG rating).

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Contains explicit content
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes Explicit
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes Explicit
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes > iTunes Explicit
  • Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Content Rating

Note about clean/explicit tag. In Feedburner “Yes (Cleaned)” gives the “Clean Lyrics” badge in iTunes, but in PowerPress, this is labeled as “Clean – No explicit content.”

FeedBurner leads you to think that “Cleaned” means you used to have explicit content but removed it. But iTunes' specs make it clear that “explicit” is for explicit content (and may be blocked in some countries), “clean” is for clean content, and “no” is for no advisory tag.

12. Email address (not shown)

This email address won't show in iTunes, but it will be accessible in your RSS feed. More importantly, this is how the iTunes team will contact you if there are problems or announcements.

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Podcast author email address
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes Email
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes Email
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes > iTunes Email
  • WordPress Settings > General > E-mail Address
  • Libsyn > Settings > Edit Show Settings > Public Contact Email, and Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Owner Email

13. Podcast subtitle (shown in podcast subscriptions)

This text won't display in the podcast catalog, but it will display to your subscribers in their subscriptions area.

iTunes podcast subtitle

  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Podcast subtitle
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes Program Subtitle
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes Program Subtitle
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes > iTunes Program Subtitle
  • Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Subtitle

Episode-level information

PowerPress gives you the ability to override per-episode information if you enable select options in PowerPress > Settings > Basic Settings. Use these at your own risk, but I've found that they've worked well for me.

14. Episode titles

At the moment, the only way to set your individual episode title is your post title in WordPress.

  • WordPress Post > Title

15. Episode subtitles

Since so little of this displays, try to come up with a subtitle of only a few words. If your podcast episodes are titled similar to “Episode 3,” this could be a good spot for something more descriptive, like “10 ways to be awesome.”

  • WordPress Post > iTunes Subtitle Field (if enabled)
  • WordPress Post > Excerpt (if used)
  • WordPress Post > Blog post (first 250 characters)

16. Episode descriptions

This would be the further information that displays with each episode. Unless you override it, iTunes will pull your entire blog post. I like to include my excerpt, outline (sometimes), shownotes link, and feedback information.

For example, here's the episode description for this episode:

Everything about how your show is listed in the iTunes podcast directory (and many other podcast directories) is pulled directly from your RSS feed. Here's what you need to know to change the information.

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  • FeedBurner > Optimize > Summary Burner
  • WordPress Post > iTunes Summary Field (if enabled)
  • WordPress Post > Excerpt (if used)
  • WordPress Post > Blog post

17. Episode clean/explicit

If a particular episode should be marked differently from the rest of your feed, you can indicate that just that episode is clean or explicit.

  • WordPress Post > iTunes Explicit Field (if enabled)
  • FeedBurner > Optimize > SmartCast > Contains explicit content
  • PowerPress > Podcast Channels > iTunes Settings > iTunes Explicit
  • PowerPress > Category Podcasting > iTunes Settings > iTunes Explicit
  • PowerPress > Settings > iTunes > iTunes Explicit

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82 comments on “How to Change Your Podcast Information in iTunes/Apple Podcasts – TAP126

  1. Ileane says:

    Hey Daniel! Congratulations on the plugin release!! How exciting that must be for you.

    Thanks for all of the instructions this is fantastic.
    I have a problem with my podcast cover art not updating even though I have the right size file and made the change to my Libsyn feed. I talked to Libsyn support and they said everything looks fine on their end and it should be updated – so they recommend that I contact iTunes directly. Do you have experience with contacting iTunes when it comes to artwork issues? What’s the best way to get in touch with them?

    1. Thank you, Ileane!

      Email I’ve done that before when my feed was truly valid, cover art met the image and hosting specs, and my client wasn’t publishing new episodes.

      Otherwise, are you publishing new episodes and the image still isn’t updating?

  2. Luke says:

    Thank you so much for this episode! This was exactly the info I needed, when I needed it! For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why only 10 episodes were showing up in iTunes!
    Keep it up!

    1. You’re welcome, Luke! I’m really glad it was so timely for you!

  3. Hey Daniel,
    These show notes are the best, most useful set of notes I’ve ever encountered! As far as I know, this information – and the level of detail, plus the notes with context – doesn’t exist in one place anywhere else.
    I was baffled by the way some of my information was showing up in iTunes… but no more. This podcast episode was great as well, but the show notes shine brightly.

    1. Thank you, Joel! It’s always the shownotes that take me the most time, but I always want them to be helpful to my audience.

  4. Keeper Dan says:

    This was a great episode, Daniel. I plan to make some adjustments to how my info shows this weekend.
    And congratulations on releasing the plugin. If there are questions about it, what would be the best venue to ask those?

    1. Thank you, Dan! For now, email me directly with any questions about Subscribe & Follow.

  5. Tony says:

    DJL – Very, very informative espisode. I did not know about the limit on number of episodes to show. Question: How do we know if our RSS feed is and “all-inclusive RSS feed”? I followed your instructions on how to use PowerPress to set up a podcast channel and I got a this feed: Thanks! Tony

    1. Hi, Tony! That’s a category RSS feed, so it’s not podcast-only. At this time, PowerPress only supports podcast-only feeds from custom channels, not categories. A channel would look like /feed/podcast/. A future version will allow you to create podcast-only feeds from categories.

      But your feed also isn’t “all-inclusive” because it’s the RSS feed for just one category. This means it will include anything you put in that category—blog posts and podcast episodes—but it won’t include everything else from your site.

      1. Tony says:

        Hi, Danie! Okay, so as long as I don’t somehow include, say, a blog in category (which probably won’t happen since I don’t yet fully understand how all this works!), I should be okay? I remember when I created the RSS feed, for each episode, I had to write some text which I think was a blog and then I added the information about the episode. Just an FYI…The reason I used Category is because my friend will want to have multiple podcasts. I thought channels were for multiple media sources (video, audio, video with different sizes, etc.) for a specific podcast, and thus stayed away from that option.

        1. You’re exactly right. Categories are for when you want to run multiple podcasts from the same website. Channels are when you distribute in multiple formats, or want some extra power over your site-wide podcast-only RSS feed.

  6. Thank you for this awesome post. I changed the title of my podcast and now I rank #1 with all of my keywords. Very helpful information. Is there anyway to have my episode title first and my episode number second and have them show up in iTunes in order of episode number? I went through and changed all my episode titles and now they are all out of order.

    Brian Caruthers
    A Survival Guide 4 Christian Men podcast.

    1. It’s great to hear your success, Brian!

      I looked at your RSS feed and you have the tag set for episodes 17 and 18. Just remove this from your last two episodes and resync your feed.

      1. Thanks. I guess that field isn’t for what I thought it was for.

        1. It’s primary function is to change the order in which your episodes play. But you had used it on only your latest two episodes, which threw them to the bottom.

  7. Lindsay says:

    Hi I have a new podcast and we target international English language learners (top 5 countries= Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, China, ). We are missing a huge opportunity by not having our description translated into these languages. Can we simply get 1- 2 sentences in each language and add it below our description in English or is there a more formal process like when you translate metadata for an app? Please let me know, thanks

    1. Great question!

      I asked Apple about this and they said what I expected. “The content of a single feed will not be automatically localized across multiple storefronts. Likewise, all podcasts must be available to all storefronts. You are welcome to submit multiple, localized feeds of similar content.”

  8. michaelwolf says:

    Great information Daniel. You solved a problem for me! Your site is an invaluable resource.

    1. Great! I’m glad it helped!

  9. Mike Gantt says:


    If I understand this post correctly, changing a show name is as simple as changing the RSS feed in PowerPress (assuming that’s the source of your RSS feed). My further assumption is that changing the RSS feed will then eventually update all directories where the show is listed. Am I correct?

    1. Yes, change the feed title in either PowerPress, FeedBurner, or LibSyn. Whatever is generating your RSS feed.

      Most apps will catch this new title, but some you may have to specifically change. I know Spreaker/iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and maybe Microsoft are like this.

  10. Garin says:

    Some how Itunes has our podcast show listed incorrectly. How do we change the name (title) of our show in itunes?

  11. Lexbrook says:

    Hello. For some reason the episode “Time” field in my podcast is blank and so none of the show durations are visible. Any way to correct this. Thanks!

    1. This depends on a lot of things. What is creating your RSS feed? What’s the feed URL or name of your podcast in iTunes?

      Sometimes, the iTunes store will also just have some glitches in reading and caching that information.

      1. Lexbrook says:

        Hello, since my last correspondence I’ve had even BIGGER issues with iTunes. All enclosures were lost and so all episodes in iTunes were as well. I think I’ve figured this one out (within WordPress), but I’m still not seeing episode times showing up in the iTunes interface. To answer your question “What is creating your RSS feed?” I created the feed with Google’s Feedburner. I’ve gone back in to see if there’s an option that allows me to specify a tag where I can specify h:m:s etc., but can’t seem to find that. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get into this field to specify. Would it be directly through Feedburner or WordPress? Many thanks!

        1. FeedBurner doesn’t actually create feeds. It just adds (or messes up) information in your feed.

          What is the source feed going into FeedBurner?

          1. Lexbrook says:

            Source feed? Would this be it?

            If I can’t eventually rectify this, I’m wondering if I should use another route like a podcast plugin for WordPress, where I can have tighter control around attributes. If I switch to a plugin (or add a plugin) will that impact my current feed since it was originally configured in feed burner or can I just override and use a plug in and will that impact where iTunes is getting its info from? If a plugin is advised, which would you recommend?
            Thank you SO much for your communication…greatly appreciated!!

          2. I recommend using PowerPress. But we still need to know what is the “original feed” you have in your FeedBurner settings for that feed. That will tell us what is actually creating the feed before you run it through FeedBurner.

          3. Lexbrook says:

            The original feed is: Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks much!

          4. You’re using a FeedBurner feed as the source for another FeedBurner feed? Please email me,, and I can get this all fixed for you.

  12. Chuck Staton says:

    I’m using Feedburner to post my podcast to iTunes, and I’ve tried to use this guide to fix a bunch of our problems, but none of them are fixed. I’m trying to fix the podcast artwork, update our description, change the language (currently listed as “Chinese”) and none of our episodes have descriptions.
    Used this guide but nothing’s changed yet. iTunes has always been very difficult for us to manage:

    1. I’ll email you directly about this.

    2. Your iTunes listing is pulling directly from Blogspot:

      This is why your FeedBurner changes aren’t taking affect. You need to redirect the Blogspot feed to your FeedBurner feed. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether Blogspot lets you do that.

      1. Chuck Staton says:

        Damn. I set this up when we started the podcast in January of 2009. Should I be trying to fix it through Blogspot or through iTunes?

        1. Fixing it in the Blogspot feed itself is best. You can email and have them switch what feed the store uses, but that will only apply for new subscribers, not your existing ones.

          1. Chuck Staton says:

            I appreciate all this help. Okay, I’ll fix the blogspot feed. I’m not sure how to edit it to apply to the specific information iTunes is looking for though.

          2. Chuck Staton says:

            Alright – I’ve been trying to figure this out, and after a lot of Googling and searching, I have absolutely no idea where to start.
            How do I edit the Blogspot feed to include everything iTunes needs?
            Sorry for so many questions. I’m not great with this stuff. I don’t deal with it ever.

  13. Is it possible to host the .xml file and everything on Amazon S3 and not have to use any other 3rd party apps? Also, if I have a current podcast, can I go in and change the episode descriptions for each episode (I’m adding external links) without notifying my subscribers? I’m looking at making some other changes to older episodes and am just worried that it’ll notify all of my subscribers as if they’re new episodes.

    1. Yes, you could probably do that, but Amazon S3 may lead to some high expenses. Also, you won’t benefit from a cloud-distribution network (CDN) unless you use Amazon Cloudfront.

      The most important thing is that you have the flexibility to place a 301 redirect on the feed if you ever need to leave.

      Yes, you can also edit past episodes. As long as the GUID doesn’t change, current subscribers won’t be forced to re-download.

      1. Thanks @DanielJLewis:disqus! I run an e-commerce site and all of our products are hosted on S3 (and we use Cloudfront), so I’m just trying to centralize everything to one service.

        As far as the 301 redirect goes, can’t I just use the tag if I’m only worried about iTunes subscribers?

        1. If you only care about your iTunes subscribers, then yes, you could do that. But I strongly recommend placing a 301 to ensure that every subscriber is moved over. Not even all the iTunes-API-users honor the new-feed-url tag.

  14. Brandon Hull says:

    Hey Daniel, I appreciate your help on this subject. It’s often the technical details that derail some of us. Here’s a question for you. I previously used one website to host my podcast and the resulting feed ( for our first 8 episodes. I’ve since moved the podcast to its own URL and feed (

    Despite setting up a redirect using my 301 Redirect plugin at the old site, iTunes didn’t pick up the change for my last two episodes. Stitcher and Spreaker DID pick up the change). I edited my .htaccess file per BluBrry’s recommendation today on changing RSS feeds, and now have my fingers crossed that iTunes finally figures things out.

    But as I wait to see if I’ve done it correctly and iTunes finally detects things, is there something else I should have done? Thanks in advance for your help — your advice on this sort of thing is much valued!

    1. When you said, “iTunes didn’t pick up the change,” were you referring to the iTunes store, or a subscription in iTunes?

      Apple just got off a Christmas and New Year’s break, so there have been delays in updating the store—especially with changes like this. But your subscribers should receive the updates immediately. I see that your old feed is properly redirecting to the new one.

      1. Brandon Hull says:

        Well there’s an update to the storyline — if you visit our listing in the iTunes directory on the iTunes website, it stops at episode 9. If you subscribe via the (awful) Podcasts app or view us within iTunes, it’s updated….but it’s missing episode 3 for whatever reason.

        So I guess it has been updated suddenly, sort of. Very odd. Thanks for the guidance!

  15. Antoniya Koleva Zorluer says:

    This is great! Your rock, thank you so much, this is one of the most useful posts I have recently read

  16. Brenda Talbot says:

    Does anyone know where the episode subtitle appears in, say, the iPhone Podcast app? Does it show up with the episode title when you’re scanning recent episodes, or do you have to tap the “i” icon for a particular episode? And if you have all three in your feed—episode title, episode subtitle, and episode description—do all three get used? Any examples out there of podcasts that use all three fields?

    1. Hi, Brenda! The episode subtitles don’t show in the Podcasts app for iOS.

      I use all three fields in my shows.

      If you’re interested in learning more about podcast SEO, I now have a video series about that:

      1. Brenda Talbot says:

        Thanks for the info!

  17. Geoff Reese says:

    Thanks Daniel. Once again a huge help. You suggested I expand my podcast title. I did a search and glad to find this guide. Keep up the great work.

  18. Jeff Roney says:

    Thanks for doing the research and the blog post for this. Using Powerpress as well as Feedburner and then figuring where to look to change info in Itunes is maddening, but this is a big help.

    1. You’re welcome, Jeff!

      My main suggestion now is to turn off SmartCast in FeedBurner and use PowerPress’s settings instead.

  19. Danielle says:

    Hi Daniel! I was just wondering how I could get the Podcast app to stop pulling whole blogposts in the episode descriptions? I have the iTunes Summary Field enabled in PowerPress and I fill it out every time I release a podcast. But for some reason the iTunes app still ends up showing the whole post when I click the little information button on my iPhone.

    1. What’s the name of your podcast?

      1. Danielle says:

        DigiPodify – A Digimon Podcast

        1. I’d really have to dig into your site to completely know what’s going on.

          But in short, the Podcasts app doesn’t do what Apple says it does. It prioritized the item-level above for those descriptions.

          So if you remove from your feed, then the right summary would show. How to remove this depends on how you have your site configured.

          1. Danielle says:

            Thank you!! Another question though (sorry) How would I would I edit my feed? I use Powerpress through wordpress and I know how I can view it through RSS but not exactly how to edit it.

          2. This bug in the Podcasts app will eventually be fixed. But for now, the easiest thing to do would be to go into the WordPress settings > Reading and change the feed from full content to summaries.

          3. Danielle says:

            Will do, thank you so much Daniel ^_^ Your podcast (and you) always seem to help me with whatever questions I have.

  20. Airway World says:

    Hi. I would like to add a copyright statement to my podcast feed. When I upload the feed with the copyright statement, will it cause any problems with the podcasts that are already published? How do I add the copyright symbol? Thank you!

    1. That won’t cause any problems. Just put it in the channel-level tag.

      Here’s a copyright symbol you can copy: ©

      On Mac OS X, it’s Opt-G. On Windows, it’s Alt-(numpad)0169. Or use ©

      1. Airway World says:

        Thank you, Daniel. I added the line in the channel level and as you said, it didn’t cause any problems. Where will the copyright statement appear? I don’t see it anywhere in the podcast description or details.

        1. Right below “Podcast website.”

  21. Baraa Safaa says:

    Hi Daniel, I have tried to change the information based on your suggestions. I have edited everything in Feedburner as explained but iTunes is still not seeing the changes. Do I have to delete the current feed info in SmartCast and re-do them again or just update the information in Smartcast and it will update automatically in iTunes? I appreciate your help.
    My podcast is called Masters Of Change.


    1. Did you give it at least a day to update? If so, try “Resyn” under “Troubleshootize.”

      What information hasn’t updated?

      1. Thank you Daniel for your amazingly quick response. I did update the title and subtitle information. But I did not resync at all. I did that a couple of weeks ago. Nothing Changed! However, I just clicked on ReSync and I will wait for one more day to see what happens. I really appreciate your quick response and feedback!


  22. AccidentallySexy says:

    Hi! Now that my podcast has gathered some steam, I want to change the description to make the whole shebang more searchable. If I change something like the description, will that effect any of my current iTunes subscribers?

  23. Ak says:

    Thanks for this post, not sure if you’re still moderating but would love your help as I can’t find a solution.

    I’m bridging feedburner/blogger/google drive to host my podcast. Everything is fine and dandy except the time or duration doesn’t show. I can’t seem to find where to edit or to put “itunes:duration” in my blogger feed.

    Any help would be supremely appreciated as I’ve spent over 7 hours trying to figure this one out 🙂


    1. That would automatically be generated by FeedBurner’s Smartcast feature. But I don’t think Google Drive has all the technical support you need for hosting a podcast. I can tell you’re trying to do things for free, which costs a lot in time, knowledge, abilities, and switching when it breaks.

      1. Ak says:

        Haha, yeah trying to go the free route. I think you’re right in the end I should work out a cleaner solution. Maybe down the line. Appreciate you taking the time to respond however!

  24. Hey Daniel! I’m so thankful for this information and how you explain what is the same between the different sites. I’ve been a little confused between wordpress and feedburner, but you’re helping me better understand it all. I do have a question for you though. I submitted my podcast to itunes about a week and a half ago, and haven’t heard anything back yet. Not even a confirmation email…is that normal? My feed on feedburner seems to be working. It’s

  25. Emily Walborn says:

    Hi! Your post has already solved a lot of my problems, so thank you very much! In my episode descriptions for my show feedburner lists the whole post (file location included; see below). Do you know how I could fix this? It’s driving me crazy!

    Thank you so much for all your good work!

  26. TruthSeekah says:

    How do you edit the Author in Libsyn?

    1. I updated the notes with Libsyn information.

      For quick reference: Libsyn > Destinations > Edit or View Existing > Libsyn Classic Feed > Author

  27. Shannon Daily says:

    How do you add the time to your tags? Right after the podcast title in iTunes the very next column says the time(length of the podcast). Mine is blank. How do I add that using Feedburner?

  28. Cheryl says:

    Hello! I noticed that Feed Landing Page is no longer an option in PowerPress settings. How do I change the website info in iTunes so that it points to a different page?

    1. I guess they removed that. You’ll have to contact Blubrry support.

      1. cheryl says:

        ok thanks!

  29. Luke Jones says:

    Thanks for this Daniel, super helpful!

  30. Dar says:

    I’m using Buzzsprout to host my podcast and I submitted it to the iTunes directory. I just got an e-mail confirming it’s live but the e-mail was in French and the link also indicates it’s in French (and it’s not turning up in my search of iTunes)… the settings on Buzzsprout indicates in English. What do I do?

    1. Hi! Which language is it supposed to be?

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