Hanging out with other podcasters can be inspiring and profitable! Here are five tips to help you find and connect with other podcasters in your area.

1. Search Google and iTunes

This is probably already obvious. Search Google for things like “[city] podcast” or “[city] podcaster.” In iTunes or your favorite podcasts app, search for “[city]” and look for the podcasts that mention your city in the title, author tag, or description.

Once you find them, visit their website or look inside their RSS feed for an email address or other contact information.

2. Use Twitter Advanced Search

When you use Twitter search, the two most important results you'll see will be accounts and tweets.

Try searching Twitter for keywords like “[city] podcast” or “[city] podcaster.” You could even turn those words into hashtags. Remember to also try local abbreviations (for example, Cincinnati is often abbreviated to “Cincy”). Clicking on “Accounts” in the search results will show you the personal or brand profiles that match your search based on their location, bio, or name. Clicking on “Live” will show you tweets that match.

These simple keyword-searches may already return plenty of results. To get more advanced filtering and results, try the Twitter Advanced Search. This lets you search specifically by location. You can also add this information to any Twitter search, for example, podcaster near:"Cincinnati, OH" within:15mi will search for any tweet or bio with the word “podcaster” and where the bio or the tweet's location is within 15 miles of Cincinnati. You can also use a zip code instead of a city name.

I've used this method to find podcasters in “middle of nowhere” towns.

3. Find or make Facebook groups

Facebook can be a fantastic way to find and stay connected with local podcasters. The best thing to try is finding a group that may already exist for podcasters in your area. Make sure you search for the nearest well-known city or metropolis names and not only small towns.

If you can't find a group, consider creating one to start connecting local podcasters with each other.

4. Attend or host local events

Local meetups may be your ultimate goal for finding local podcasters. It's possible such events already happen, so search Facebook events or sites like

Don't search only for podcasting-focused meetups. Blogger, entrepreneur, social-media, “YouTuber,” WordPress, and other types of meetups may be appealing to other podcasters and give you the opportunity to meet or event present around podcasting.

If you can't find any such meetup, consider starting one yourself! It could be as simple as having a meal or drink together, or you could rent or borrow a space (such as a library or conference room) for training and structured discussions.

5. Support your local podcasters

When you find other podcasters in your area, help each other with shoutouts in your show, compiling a list on your website, cross-promotion, and encouragement.

Try these methods and tell me how many podcasters you found near you! Comment below or tweet @theDanielJLewis with #LocalPodcasters.

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    6 years ago

    Thanx Daniel I want to make a round table type Facebook page or Group for veterans in business in Omaha and I really think this is needed

    Michael Ray
    Michael Ray
    6 years ago

    What would be a good name for veterans in business in Omaha I like the roundtable part that shows communication thanx again


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