Record 2 lav mics on iOS/Android with IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic Lav

IK-Multimedia-LogoIK Multimedia’s iRig Mic Lav lets you daisy-chain two lav mics to record into any iOS or Android device.

The iRig Mic Lav connects to mobile devices via TRRS (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) for simultaneous input and output. But instead of stealing your headphone output, the iRig Mic Lav has a small module that allows you to connect any 3.5 mm headphones for built-in, real-time monitoring. Or, flip the switch to the dual-mic mode and you can connect another iRig Mic Lav to capture so voices into the same audio recording.

This works great for interviews or two-person videos. You can use the mobile device as a dedicated audio recorder, or use it as your video camera and capture high-quality audio directly into your device for video recording or live-streaming.

The single iRig Mic Lav retails for $49.99, and the two-pack retails for $79.99.

Video by Daniel J. Lewis.


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2 comments on Record 2 lav mics on iOS/Android with IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic Lav

  1. Hanna says:

    How do I get it on two tracks? If the other one is coughing for example when the other one is talking in a two person discussion, it would be handy to mute the other track for convenience.

    1. Unfortunately, this mic inputs into your phone via mono, so recording in separate tracks is not possible. You would need a different mic or interface for that.

      Look at the Samson Go Mic Mobile, which can record both wireless lav mics onto separate tracks, if you desire. And $278 ($199 kit + additional $79 lav with bodypack) is a fantastic price for the features included in this equipment.

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