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Submit a podcast to iTunes

The worldwide web is a big place and having your podcast on just your website will prevent you from growing an audience—or getting one in the first place.

This list is no longer complete or the best instructions. Visit my new site, Podcast Places™, to learn all the podcast apps, directories, and more where you and your podcast should be.

Before you submit

Remember to have your RSS feed properly setup and validated (warnings are usually okay). I recommend four important things.

  1. Don't use FeedBurner unless you do so with its MyBrand feature.
  2. Create a podcast-only RSS feed,
  3. Optimize your feed with your important podcast information in the RSS fields and iTunes fields.
    • Title
    • Talent/host name(s)
    • Description
    • Podcast cover art (1,400 × 1,400 pixels)
    • RSS2 image (144 × 144 pixel edition of your podcast cover art)
    • Categories
    • Keywords (first seven are the most important)
    • Clean, explicit, or standard tag
    • Copyright
    • Language
    • High number of feed items (set by your feed generator: WordPress, PowerPress, or Posts Per Category plugin)
  4. Have a few podcast episodes already in your feed (Blubrry requires seven).
Submitting to multiple directories, even if you refuse to use the associated devices or clients, enables you to reach a larger audience where they are. (Add an unnecessary and improper “at” to the end of this sentence, if you're from the midwest USA. Yes, this is a personal pet peeve.)

iTunes Store

iTunes logo While Apple and iTunes are accused of being a “walled garden,” their podcast directory is still the most popular.

  1. Create an Apple ID.
  2. Install iTunes on Windows or OS X.
  3. Run iTunes and navigate to iTunes Store > Podcasts > Submit Podcast.
  4. Enter your (podcast-only) RSS feed.
  5. Login with your Apple ID.
  6. Wait for approval.

Zune Marketplace

Zune logo Although the Zune player is officially dead, there are still a lot out there and the Zune Marketplace is still alive for Microsoft's Windows Phone. I also suspect that Zune Marketplace will get more prominence with Windows 8.

  1. Email with your (podcast-only) RSS feed.

BlackBerry Podcast

BlackBerry logo BlackBerry isn't dead yet, and it has a mature podcast directory. If your podcast is at all business-related, this directory should be a requirement.

  1. Create an account with RIM Podcast and login.
  2. Click Submit a New Podcast button.
  3. Enter your (podcast-only) RSS feed.
  4. Find someone who has a BlackBerry and have them check.

More information from Research in Motion (RIM).

Listener Rob Robideau wrote a great visual walkthrough to help submit podcasts to BlackBerry.

Miro Guide

Miro Logo Miro Player is a popular, free competitor to iTunes.

  1. Create an account with Miro Guide and login.
  2. Hover your mouse over your username in the upper-right corner and click Submit a Show.
  3. Enter your podcast information:
    • podcast name and
    • (podcast-only) RSS feed.
  4. Click I am the Creator.
  5. Wait for approval.


DoubleTwist logoDoubleTwist is a popular, free competitor to iTunes. They even offer podcast streaming for free on mobile devices. It mirrors many of the podcasts from the iTunes directory, but there's now good submission process.

  1. Visit the contact form.
  2.  Set the subject to “Request New Podcast.”
  3. Enter your information
    • Your name
    • Email address
    • Podcast title
    • (Podcast-only) RSS feed


Stitcher logoStitcher streams podcasts and other Internet radio for smartphones. This is a great workaround to some carriers' file size limits on single downloads.

Please use promo code “audacity” if you download Stitcher for yourself.

  1. Sign up as a Stitcher Partner.
  2. Include your podcast information:
    • podcast titles and
    • (podcast-only) RSS feeds
  3. Wait for approval.


Blubrry logoBlubrry offers many wonderful services for podcasters, including a vast podcast directory that could even get you inside set-top boxes like Roku and Boxee.

  1. Have at least seven episodes in your feed.
  2. Create an account with Blubbry and login.
  3. Add your podcast and include your podcast information:
    • podcast title,
    • podcast keyword (for Blubrry tracking),
    • category,
    • (podcast-only) RSS feed, and
    • website address.
  4. Wait for approval.

Want more podcast directories?

Podcast411 maintains a directory of podcast directories.

Jay Walsh has also researched and listed the top podcast directories.

Where is your podcast?

What podcast directories do you use and recommend? What are your stats like, if you can track them? Please discuss here in the comments!

Upcoming: privacy policies

You may not realize that you need a privacy policy or what it should contain. Or maybe you already have one and would like to share yours as an example.

An upcoming episode of The Audacity to Podcast™ will discuss privacy policies: why you need them and what they should cover.

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    1. Thanks, Kenn! I’m glad it has helped!

  3. Fantastic guide! Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome! What’s your podcast about?

      1. My podcast is called “Creative Colony”. It’s mostly interviews with creatives who conquer their respective fields. It includes makeup artists, editors, musicians, etc. I’m in the process of starting my second podcast, “Creative Colony Blogs” that interviews top bloggers that have fun, non-business blogs. I’ll also be sharing blog and social media tips there.

        I’ve been listening to you and a couple of other podcasts for over a year, in preparation for these projects. You’ve been BEYOND helpful. Thank you for everything!

        1. That’s a great approach! A lot of blogging podcasts seem to focus on the marketing angle or highly professional/successful blogs, but not paying attention to the fun ones.

  4. Tim Carter says:

    Thanks for this. I didn’t know anyone could use stitcher. I just started a variety podcast with a unique spin. I’m an atheist and my co-host is a Christian pastor. It’s called the Rumination Lounge. I just signed up for as well.

    1. Yup! It’s easy to get on Stitcher and it’s a great place to be!

      That sounds like it’ll be an interesting podcast!

  5. Kleetus and Sparky says:

    Thanks so musch for this info. Hopefully this will help to increase our audience. Just posting to podbean and itunes alone is not cutting it.

    1. Totally! Make sure you get in those mobile podcast apps, too. That’s where many mobile listeners are getting their podcasters.

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    Where can I find your information about privacy policies?

  7. Phil Naessens says:

    Thanks! Really enjoying your show and all the advice. I’ve been doing my show for 3 years now and learning every day.

    1. Thank you, Phil! I see you’re now in Stitcher. Did you join there after hearing this episode?

      1. I believe I did….BTW congrats on the nominations….good luck

  8. Darren says:

    Just want to thank you for putting together this podcast and guide. I submitted my podcast to the 6 directories you mentioned.

    1. You’re welcome, Darren! Welcome to the podcasting world!

  9. An excellent guide. Thank you.

  10. Ryan Cole says:

    Great post. I’ve used iTunes before, but I’m not at all happy with it really. Glad to know there are so many more options! 🙂

    Why exactly do you not recommend using feedburner?

    1. Thanks, Ryan!

      FeedBurner is an unnecessary slowdown to your feed update process. It really has no benefits other than unreliable stats.

      The only time FeedBurner is useful is when you’re already forfeiting ownership of your podcast and website by using a third-party service like Blogger,, SquareSpace, PodBean, etc. But even then, I would only recommend FeedBurner if you use the MyBrand feature and publish a feed URL you own, not feeds.feedburner.

      1. Braxwolf says:

        Hmm, but I guess if you’ve already submitted your feedburner link to iTunes you’re kind of stuck with it, eh?

        1. No, you’re not stuck. You can delete the feed in FeedBurner and it will place a permanent 301 redirect to your “original feed.”

          If you do this, make sure you download your email subscribers list.

  11. John Shea says:

    I tend to find your blog for most podcast related searches, very informative post! Thanks

    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you’ll also subscribe to the podcast.

      It’s funny that so many call this a blog because I write such thorough show notes for my podcast episodes.

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    Thanks for the info! It helped me get my podcast launched

    1. You’re welcome! Congratulations on the launch. What is your podcast about?

      1. Brad Kirsch says:

        Thank you! My podcast is about how to get started as an entrepreneur in the Digital Economy.

  13. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for such a great post! You had me at “(Add an unnecessary and improper “at” to the end of this sentence, if you’re from the midwest USA. Yes, this is a personal pet peeve.)” I concur!

    1. Ha ha! I forgot that I included that. It’s something I hear far too often around here. I also hear the T in “often” too much, too.

  14. Angelo Mandato says:

    Blubrry is not a moderated podcast directory, you are immediately approved when you add your show to The 7 episode requirement is for podcasts that want to be “Featured”. Featured has a few other requirements, basically you need artwork, a good show description and some episodes under your belt so we can feature your show on the home page and in Blubrry Apps.

    1. Thank you for the clarification!

  15. Joshua Sheats says:

    Super helpful. Thanks for having this here…just finished the whole list!

    1. Thank you, Joshua! I just launched a new site you may like that is this list on steroids! Check out

      1. Joshua Sheats says:

        Nice! Very slick!

  16. doubleTwist says:

    Instead of emailing support at doubleTwist, you can request podcasts to be added to the directory using the Contact page and the “Request New Podcast” option.

    (Please be sure to use a RSS feed and not a website URL.)


    1. Thanks for the update! I’ll update the post.

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    1. You’re welcome! Check out my new resource for even more:

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  19. BJ says:

    Thanks. But the Blackberry links are broken.

    1. Please see the bold note at the top of the post:

      This list is no longer complete or the best instructions. Visit my new site, Podcast Places™, to learn all the podcast apps, directories, and more where you and your podcast should be.

  20. Renee Wang says:

    I just found a new Android app from Google Play, this app can subscribe iTunes podcasts via Android phone, anybody has other recommendations like this. Just change Android from iTunes, still want to browse iTunes top podcasts?

    1. Check out the list at

  21. Harry says:

    would love an updated version of this, Daniel. E.G. does Blackberry still exist? Thanks 🙂

  22. Johhny says:

    For MMA, I suggest which sends a lot of traffic to new podcasters.
    There’s also more niches there such as BJJ, boxing, pro wrestling, yoga, deathsquad comedy, etc
    For adding a new podcast:

  23. What an awesome guide. Many thanks for sharing! Great job!

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    Very helpful, thanks for sharing.

    By the way, what do you think of as a podcast directory?

    1. Your site is interesting, but I don’t see what makes it unique.

  25. That’s a nice post. There’s a new podcast directory emerging in India which has a lot of regional and international content. They have content in over 15 languages and their recommendations are great. It’s Hubhopper. Since I’m in India, I would definitely go for them Do check them out and consider adding them if you liked them.

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