The morning mixer [daily podcasting photo, day 1]

Behringer X1832USB mixer in the morning

I woke up one morning and had a stroke of inspiration as I entered my dark studio. I turned on my HTC Thunderbolt's flashlight, set it atop my mixer, and took this photo with my iPad.

Yes, I was that guy who photographed with his iPad. And I would feel stupid for doing it in public.

This is my podcasting mixer, a Behringer Xenyx X1832USB ($303 on I love this mixer.

I started podcasting with a Behringer 1204 USB (very similar to the current X1204USB). That mixer was affordable (about $150) and met my needs very well.

But then I bought a No products found., which I learned needed inserts. The 1204 USB didn't have inserts.

So it was time to upgrade.

After plenty of research, I found that Behringer's X1832USB was affordable (around $230 with a coupon I had back then) and met my growing needs:

  • four-channel output—very important for my style of mixing,
  • inserts on the first six channels—four of which plug into my MDX4600,
  • a built-in simple compressor for those first six channels—when I'm not using the MDX4600,
  • effects processing,
  • graphic EQ,
  • and lots of extra knobs, buttons, and connections.

When I bought this mixer, I only consistently had one podcast cohost with an occasional Skype guest. But now our Once Upon a Time podcast has four cohosts, occasional call-ins, and a need for an upcoming fifth mic for an event.

The X1832USB has grown well with me, and there hasn't been any kind of mixing combination it can't do.

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Mohamed Gad Allah Basheer
Mohamed Gad Allah Basheer
7 years ago

I’ve got the same insert problem with my QX1204USB mixer, so I am planning to upgrade.
I’ve got:-
1- QX1204USB mixer zynex.
2- MIC2200
3- MDx4600.
4- SX3040.
I am glad that tried it as I trust your experience a lot 🙂 so I can get it with trust 🙂

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