Hear great podcasters share their biggest personal, business, and other lessons they have learned from podcasts and podcasting. Recorded live at Podcast Movement 2015.

Joel Boggess: podcasting is the new networking

“Podcasting is the new networking.”—Joel BoggessClick To Tweet

When you have a podcast, it's often easier to connect with people and start building relationships. This could even mean having a bigger reason to connect with others.

Check out Joel's show, ReLaunch Show, and listen to my guest appearance on ReLaunch Show where I shared my story of failure and relaunch (a story I have never publicly shared before).

Jaime Jay: it's okay to feel uncomfortable

“It’s okay to feel uncomfortable in podcasting.”—Jamie JayClick To Tweet

Feeling uncomfortable signals some authenticity, which is key to connecting with people. In Jamie's case, he liked shows more that connected with him in an authentic way. When he started his own show, he tried to carry that same authenticity.

Check out Jamie's shows, Stop Riding the Pine and Podcast Professors.

Bak: articulate when you speak

Podcasting can help you learn to articulate and speak clearly.—BakClick To Tweet

Like many of us, Bak can sometimes struggle with the mind running faster than the mouth. Podcasting has helped Bak to pace his conversations and communicate more clearly.

Learning to speak well also significantly reduces the need for editing your podcast.

Check out Bak's show, The FeedBak.

Russ Johns: start and keep moving

“There’s a message out there; it’s in your head and you just need to share it.”—Russ JohnsClick To Tweet

Many of us get hung up on trying to figure out everything before we start. It's also easy to focus too much on the technology. But the most important thing is to actually start and keep going!

Russ knows this well, because he's currently in the middle of launching a new show, Future Media Association.

Stuart Mackey: the podcasting community is not competition

“The podcasting community is not a competition.”—Stuart MackeyClick To Tweet

You might think that other podcasts in your same niche are competition, but they are not! Look at them as community and collaboration opportunities instead of seeing them as rivals.

Get Stuart's podcast, The Pocket Podcaster. Also listen to my previous episode about making community, not competition; and my episode about podcasting in the same niche as others.

Daniel J. Lewis (me!): create great content

When I started The Audacity to Podcast, I knew that I wanted my focus to be on creating great content for podcasters. When you create great content, a lot of other pieces (marketing, monetization, community, and more) are much easier.

The Audacity to Podcast in Buzzsprout's studio at Podcast Movement 2015-enhanced

Special thanks to Buzzsprout

This episode was recorded live at Podcast Movement 2015 thanks to Buzzsprout's studio. Check out Buzzsprout as another option for podcasting hosting and feed creation. They even have a free plan for a limited number of episodes in your feed!

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    8 years ago

    Thank you for doing this episode! It is a “best of” the pearls of wisdom shared throughout PM15.

    By the way, I appreciate the tempo of the episode — fast-paced, but you got meaningful nuggets from each guest. Masterful in attitude, format, content, connection — thanks for the good example to us all!


    Stuart Mackey
    8 years ago

    Thanks Daniel. It was a privilege to talk with you. I’ll have to add this to my “As Heard On” plugin 😉

    Sylvia Smith
    Sylvia Smith
    8 years ago

    Enjoyed this episode, loved hearing about the experiences of others – my takeaway ‘just start’

    Martin Lindeskog
    8 years ago

    Daniel: Thanks for sharing these conversations from the Podcast Movement. It sounds like a very nice atmosphere at the conference. My biggest lesson is that Things Take Time. I started my first blog in 2002 and my first podcast in 2006. I have been struggling with publishing content on a regular basis, but I haven’t given up on these social media activities. I am in this for the long run…

    All the Best,


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