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Continuing the series of how to live-stream your podcast while recording, we’ll look at how to do it when you’re flying solo.

Be sure to listen to the last episode on five reasons for living streaming and four cautions.

As I write and speak, I’ll use the term “PC” in reference to both of the major personal computers (PCs): OS X and Windows. While the same principles mostly apply to Linux, most of the software may not be available or have suitable alternatives for Linux.

Is it really “live-podcasting”?

Daniel Clark rightly questioned my use of “live podcast” in by commenting on the previous episode’s shownotes. Please add your thoughts, too!

In the meantime, I think “live-streaming” is more accurate.

Recommended equipment—think about your future

You could be a small, single-host, single-show podcaster right now, but will you be the same in just one year? Choose equipment that is affordable but can grow with you.

I’ve previously talked about the bare minimums for podcasting, but here’s what I recommend if you’re just starting out.

Each of these will can grow with you and can be upgraded without your having to replace everything.

Record and live-stream from the same PC

If you’re already recording into your computer, then it’s no extra step to broadcast that to the Internet through live-streaming.

One PC

You most likely have at least one PC. If you won’t be live-mixing in your sounds, then this is the simplest setup.

  • Mic into your streaming/recording PC

Sounds and one PC

Adding sounds (music, sound effects, bumpers, voicemail, etc.) adds complexity, but it’s still possible with just a single PC and no mixer.

Mixer, sounds, and one PC

If you can afford to add a mixer and your microphone can plug into it, then here’s your easiest and most reliable setup.

  1. Connect your mic and PC (for sounds) to separate channels on your mixer.
  2. Connect the mixer’s output back to your PC.
  3. Change the default output device for your sounds PC to however you connected the mixer.
  4. Ensure that the appropriate input device is selected to capture the sound from the mixer.

Easy to add a recorder

If you decide to purchase an external recorder, then it’s easy to record everything right before it broadcasts from your PC.

  1. Plug your final “output” into your external recorder’s Line In.
  2. Turn on the recorder’s monitoring option (on most recorders) and run a lin from the headphones to your streaming computer.

Feedback: Easy versioning with Audacity

Bob Boufford suggested using “Save As…” for easy versioning of Audacity projects.

Should you upgrade to OS X Lion?

That depends on what software you use! Audacity 1.3.13 seems fully compatible, but I’ve already had unresolvable and reproducible problems with Ambrosia Soundboard. Cam Twist 2.1 didn’t work, but there was an update to 2.2 on their website.

Check whether your applications are compatible on OS X 10.7 Lion with RoaringApps.

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  • Marcus

    Early in the podcast you mentioned you would elaborate more on he different service to use for broadcasting live but I think you may have forgetten. I’m interstested in knowing wheer I can broadcast using the 1 pc 1 mixer 1 mic method and also other than have a mixer with 2xlr ports what is needed to add a cohost?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Pretty much any service works with this. If you want just audio, I recommend Mixlr.

      I’m sorry it took me so stinkin’ long to reply. Maybe you got the answer by now.

  • Wargaming Recon

    Hi Daniel. This was a very interesting episode. I enjoyed how you addressed the different ways to live stream. You made it easy to understand and follow.

    I looked at your Recommended Equipment section. I’m thinking, early, about my Christmas list for equipment I want to grow into. A mixer needs to be in my future.

    You probably covered this already but does the mixer you’re recommending have a single input for an XLR microphones? Do you have a recommendation for a mixer, fitting the same criteria you used to suggest the equipment in this post, that has 2 XLR inputs?

    Right now I record on my own, or use Skype with guests, but I’d like to be able to record with a co-host in person. Eventually, a long way down the road, I’d like to get equipment that allows me to record with 3 other people in person.

    Starting off with a mixer that has 2 XLR inputs seems to be a smart idea. I use a USB mic now, Blue Snowball, but intend to get the Nady stage microphone with accessories, that you recommend, as my first XLR mic.

    I can send you an e-mail about this but would providing podcast equipment suggestions be something that I could hire you as a consultant to help me pick out the right equipment for me and if so, to find out how much you would charge?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Hi there! Yes, I’m available for hire to customize your needs. But also look at something like the Behringer Xenyx 802, which has two XLR inputs. Or get something bigger.

      • ebsewi

        Wargaming Recon, I am looking at the Behringer Q802USB 8-Channel Mixer (via Daniel’s Amazon link, of course, to give him the bump). It has two XLR inputs as well as USB output.

  • Adam

    I have one question that no one has been able to answer – maybe you can; How can I do 2 different shows through Mixlr? One for Brigade Radio & one for Yo Bro! Radio. I created an additional log in for my second show (Yo Bro! Radio) but when the mixlr app is downloaded to my computer (of which I have one for my first show) it links to my first show (Brigade Radio) and not the second one…..

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      You need to log out of the broadcaster and log back in. Alternatively, you could use the app on a smartphone or tablet for one show and use the app on your PC for the other show.