How to Use PowerPress to Setup Your WordPress Blog for Podcasting – TAP072


Learn how to setup Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin for WordPress, including feed and iTunes settings, category podcasting, channels, and how to attach podcast episodes.

UPDATE: Although PowerPress is now to version 5 and it contains several changes, the following still mostly applies to the Advanced setup mode.

Install PowerPress

Setup PowerPress for podcasting

  1. Configure each of the tabs under PowerPress > Settings:
    1. Basic Settings for how you’ll attach episodes to posts.
    2. Services & Stats for adding a media redirect for statistics (including using Blubrry’s great free or premium stats).
    3. Media Appearance for how podcast episodes will appear on your page. I recommend above content and in the excerpts.
    4. Feeds to get and adjust your podcast-only feed, including setting the item limit (separate from WordPress’s limit) and RSS2 image (144 × 144 edition of your podcast cover art).
    5. iTunes for configuring your feed for iTunes. This can be used, and is recommended, instead of Feedburner’s SmartCast feature. But if you still use SmartCast, its settings will override PowerPress’s. Make sure you include an iTunes image (600 × 600 1,400 × 1,400 edition of your podcast cover art).
    6. T.V. for settting your content rating.
  2. If you release the same podcast content in multiple formats (like audio and video or several video formats), enable Custom Podcast Channels and configure it just like your normal podcast feed.
  3. If you publish multiple podcasts (separate shows, not episodes) on the same site under different categories, enable Category Podcasting and configure it just like your normal podcast feed for each category.
  4. Go your Audio Player Settings (and video, if you have a video podcast) and switch to the HTML5 player. Upload a new play button if you want.

Upload your media

Whether you host at LibSyn, Blubrry, your web host, or somewhere else, upload and copy the link.

Write your shownotes

Make sure you write great podcast shownotes!

Attach your podcast episode

If you configured your “Default Media URL” under PowerPress > Settings > Basic Settings > Advanced Episode Entry Settings, then just enter the filename of your episode under the “Podcast Episode” widget of your post editor.

If you don’t have a “Default Media URL,” then paste the full URL to your media file.

Click the Verify button.

Repeat this process for any additional channels.


When you have all your shownotes written, media attached, and appropriate categories and tags, hit publish.

Your podcast is now online and in your RSS feed!

Ask your podcasting legal questions for upcoming guest

I’m very pleased to say that Gordon Firemark will be joining us for a few future episodes. He is an entertainment and new media Lawyer, and the author of the Podcast, Blog, and New Media Producers Legal Survival Guide. He also hosts the Entertainment Law Update podcast.

So send me your legal questions to ask Gordon in upcoming episodes.

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  • Jeremy Sarber

    Thank you, Daniel. Thank you. I’ve been podcasting a couple of years so this episode in particular was not helpful to me. However, your podcast is one of the very few podcasts about podcasting which is still talking about podcasting. I don’t mean to insult others, but I listen to shows like this to hear about podcasting and that what’s I get with you. Sometimes it’s technical info and sometimes it’s just good advice, but it’s always about podcasting. I appreciate that.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Thanks, Jeremy! My main hope for advanced podcasters with this episode is that they’ll discover new power through PowerPress’s tools, like being able to customize the iTunes description for each episode, or making a podcast-only feed, or adding new formats to a podcast.

      Some of these things I shared, I didn’t even realize I could do with PowerPress until a few months ago.

  • Jason of TV times Three

    Just wanted to mention something about audio player selection when using Powerpress. As of right now the only audio player in Powerpress that can be used with the Embed option is the default Flow Player. While I wish that I could use other player options to do this, I very much like the idea of people being able to embed my podcast on their blogs/websites.

    Yes, it’s a Flash based player, but I had some friends with iPads/iPhones go to my site and apparently an alternate play button displays, so you can still listen to the podcast on the site with those devices.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      FlowPlayer is what PowerPress falls back to when HTML5 audio isn’t available. So you should still be safe using the HTML5 audio player with your embed option.

      • Jason of TV times Three

        That’s the thing, if you select to use the HTML5 audio player, then the Embed link option isn’t available. Just wanted to point out that things still work in the other direction, for those that want to use the Embed option for audio in Powerpress by selecting the FlowPlayer. The Flash based FlowPlayer seems to be swapped out for an iPad/iPhone compatible play option on those devices.

        Thanks for the Powerpress overview, as I had just installed it and started using it over the weekend before this podcast came out, so it was great timing.

  • Keeper Dan

     Excellent work, sir. I just went through the video and my own PowerPress settings, so now I have a much better idea of how they work and what they do. Thank you.

    Might I request a similar video going through Feed Burner?  This video did make me wonder just how I should set up my Feed Burner to function hand-in-hand with the above PP settings. It looks like there is some overlap as you mentioned with turning off SmartCast in FB. Some of their other options could use some further explanation as to their usefulness to a podcast hobbyist.

    I have to echo Jeremy’s comments. Some other shows tend to stray into topics apart from helping to get a podcast going. You’ve been great about staying focused.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Hi, Keeper Dan!

      Actually, I’ve already made a walkthrough “How to Setup and Use Feedburner for Blogging or Podcasting.” Unfortunately, I didn’t think to video record it back then, except for’s recording from TechPodcasts, but it looks like removed that old video already. :(

      • Keeper Dan

         Ah, I must have forgotten that you went through that already. I’ll re-listen to it while at the PC so I can look at my settings again.

  • Melissa Shanhun

    Hi Daniel

    Thanks for this episode I really appreciated the point that you don’t have to fill in these setting & the feed burner podcast ones! I’m having issues finding how to set up the default media url though.
    I just wanted to share I’ve launched my podcast! :) Finally! I did a little series in December (not ongoing!) about Christmas scrapbooking… and here’s my ‘real’ one! in case you want to check it out.
    Thanks to you and Cliff Ravenscraft for your helpful podcasts!

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Hooray for launching your podcast! Are you using my LinkShare method for making the link you just posted open directly in iTunes?

      Regarding the default media URL, look at my site as the example:

      All of my media is hosted through So I have is the direct file URL. But instead of entering that full thing into the Podcast Episode widget on a new post, I set a default URL.

      Of the direct URL, “” never changes, so that’s what I enter as my default media URL. From then on, I just enter the filename that I uploaded to, “tap072.mp3,” into the Podcast Episode widget.

      If you use LibSyn, your standard URL may look something like If everything but “episode.mp3″ stays the same with each episode, that’s your default media URL.

      • Melissa Shanhun

        Thanks Daniel! 

        I sure am using Linkshare thanks to you! I’ve not gone to ITMS yet as I’m not sure how people would respond. So starting simple :)I can understand what my default URL would be, I’m just can’t for the life of me find where in Blubrry it should go! I can’t see for looking! (I’m using category podcasting)

        Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my comments :)

        • Daniel J. Lewis

          PowerPress > Settings > Basic Settings > and I think you have to Show advanced options to see Default Media URL.

  • NetCast Studio

    By far the best Powerpress video I have ever seen.  Great production Daniel.

  • Zach Jenkins

    I’ve had a question that I never been able to find a straight answer on that I was hoping you’d be able to answer. When using PowerPress and using their media stats, which feed do you submit to iTunes? Do you use the /feed/podcast uses or do you submit the redirect?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      If you want to use Feedburner, run your podcast-only feed (/feed/podcast/) through Feedburner and then give that feed to iTunes and all other podcast directories. If you’re not using Feedburner, then give /feed/podcast/ straight to the podcast directories.

      PowerPress will track your stats in BluBrry as long as you have the “stats” tab setup and see a “media redirect” in there for Blubrry.

  • Aaron

    Hi Daniel,
    I was wondering if you could do a short walkthrough of Blubrry Premium Stats. I just can’t seem to find a way to add both of my feeds to their standard stats, only one. 
    This video was great, and I agree… It is BY FAR the best walkthrough of the Blubrry Plugin out to date. Thank you very much.
    Also, I submitted my podcast feed after doing everything you said (correctly) to iTunes 2 days ago. It is Easter weekend so, anyway, how long might it take for me to get my confirmation email saying it is approved?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Yes, I plan to do a thorough walkthrough and comparison of Blubrry’s and LibSyn’s stats and media hosting services.

  • Andy

    Hi, thanks for the information. I have a podcast feed setup on my site, but now I would like to create a blog feed as well. I would like to be able to submit the feed to feedburner, and allow people to subscribe to the feed. I am using bluberry powerpress plugin, feedburner, and also the feedburner plugin by Steve Smith. Thanks! Andy

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      That’s not a problem. Just follow the tutorial I share and give your podcast-only feed to Feedburner, then take your regular site feed ( and submit that as an additional feed on Feedburner. You could do yourpodcast and yourpodcast-mp3.

      Submit the podcast-only feed to podcast directories, and use the whole-site feed in your Feedburner plugin.

  • jasonvandehey

    I want to release both .mp3 and enhanced versions. Can I release both to separate iTunes shows but use 1 blog post? (was planning to use Powerpress + feedburner)

  • jasonvandehey

    I want to release both .mp3 and enhanced versions. Can I release both to separate iTunes shows but use 1 blog post? (was planning to use Powerpress + feedburner)

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      This is exactly what Custom Podcast Channels are for. Enable that option, which will give you a default channel. Use the default as your MP3 feed and configure it through the custom channel and use its feed in Feedburner.

      Then create a new custom channel and set it up for your enhanced AAC. Then take its custom channel feed into Feedburner.

      Now when you enter your shownotes in a blog post, you’ll have two “Podcast episode” widgets: one for default and one for Enhanced.

      I’ll produce another video on this sometime soon.

  • Derek Ouellette

    My podcast rss only works when my permalink is set to default. Like you I prefer “post name” permalink. But when I select any permalink except “default” it says the rss is invalid. Why is that and how can I fix?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      What URL are you trying for your RSS feed? With “post name” as your permalink structure, your RSS feed would be

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  • Steinar Knutsen

    Great tutorial on PowerPress Daniel! After several years it is my favorite WordPress podcasting plugin for sure. I was using Podcasting by TSG, but it’s pretty much dead in the water.

    You may also be interested in the Mobile Podcaster iPhone app which lets you record and publish directly to WordPress. I really cuts down production time and works great with PowerPress.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Thanks for listening/watching, Steinar! I think you’ll be very happy with PowerPress.

      Also, thank you for the suggestion of Mobile Podcaster. I only have an iPad right now, and I wish more app developers would make their apps universal.

      Also check out BossJock Studio for iPhone/iPod Touch. It has some awesome development and allows production of a podcast and live sound mixing right on your iOS device!

      • Steinar Knutsen

        BossJock Studio is cool for sure. Mobile Podcaster for iPad is coming out as soon as Apple approves the new universal app version.

  • philbeat

    Hi. Thanks for a great video example, I have 99% completed my podcast feed settings, but I cannot figure out for the life of me why PowerPress is not putting in a Channel/Podcast Description as a general description of the podcast itself… the tag for that in the feed is blank…. where is it supposed to get this info from … any ideas? Thank you for a great blog!

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Go to the iTunes tag and enable the Advanced iTunes stuff.

  • Melissa Shanhun

    Ok so I’m still struggling with my cover art. I’ve got it set up in the Podcast Category itunes tab. And it shows up fine EVERYWHERE, except the Podcast app. So frustrating. I’ve even uploaded new image just in case, to force itunes to update with no luck. You can see the correct image here:

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Check again. It’s working fine for me. There might have just been a caching delay.

  • David Spark

    Thanks for producing this video. I followed along and setup PowerPress. :)

    • Daniel J. Lewis


  • Huriata Bonilla

    Hi, is it possible to assign a custom taxonomy to ‘Category Podcasting’? I’ve been looking for hours with no luck. Thank you.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      What are you ultimately trying to do?

      • Huriata Bonilla

        Thanks for replying, i’m using Custom Post Types with Custom Taxonomies, PowerPress let just to add “default categories” to “Category Podcasting” and not “Custom Taxnomies”. I’m trying to create a special section (Podcast) in admin for my client with CPT and CT, but i don’t know how to achieve that. Thank you.

        • Daniel J. Lewis

          Activate Custom Channels, edit the default channel’s settings, go to the Other Settings tab, and ensure that either your post type is selected or that it’s set to “all.”

  • Dennis B.

    I set up my PPress and everything worked fine.. then my Podcast PAGE seemed to no longer show my rss feed and episode list. Now the dedicated podcast page is blank. Have you ever seen this or have an idea of why this would happen or a fix? I simply need my PPress plug in to show my episodes on a dedicated page.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      An easy way you can do this would be to put all of your podcast episodes in a “Podcast” category, then you can link to that archive with /category/podcast/.

      • Dennis B.

        Daniel. Thanks for that Part of it. I can now use that url to see my categories all listed since they are all in the same category. HOWEVER, my website doesnt display them because my page is (since thats the name of the page i created for my podcast). How do i get the category feed to come up and show the podcast list when someone clicks on the podcast PAGE. As of now, it just goes to a blank page. It used to work, not sure what I did. Here’s the link if it helps any.

        • Dennis B.

          here’s more details. here is the actuall feed that shows the podcast

          and here’s the page I created to display the podcast (where nothing is showing)

          i need them to work together and not sure what I am doing wrong.
          Thanks Daniel

          • Dennis B.

            Just FYI (for you or your peeps that have the same issue) apparently there was an issue with the naming on the page set up for the podcast. Somehow it became “podcast-2″ instead of “podcast”. When trying to change it to only “podcast” i was unable until I disables the powerpress plug in, rename the page to “podcast”, saved and reactivated the plug in. Problem solved!!!

          • Daniel J. Lewis

            Thanks for the update!

        • Daniel J. Lewis

          /podcast is supposed to be an RSS feed, which it looks like it is. Consider making a redirect to

  • Adam

    Thanks! Perfect video. Just what i’ve been searching for.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      I’m glad to know that it helped you. I’m just about to do a new video that will be more concise but also more applicable. 😉

  • Anewpodcaster

    Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! I have been trying to figure out how to set up a podcast for my small business for months. I was clueless. Keep up the great work!

  • Chuck Minear

    Hi Daniel. Thanks again for a great tutorial. I really like how your audio player is right under the title of your post instead of at the end. I put my show notes as my post so the player can be WAY down the page. I don’t see any setting in PowerPress for setting the location of the player. Am I missing something? By the way I just bought your Social Subscribe and Follow Icons so as soon as I figure out how I want to use them I’ll let you know where to see them implemented.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      You can set PowerPress to always display the player above or below the content in PowerPress > Settings > Media Appearance > Display Media & Links. I prefer players to be above the content.

      For manually placing the player, such as below the photo like I do, write your post and attach the podcast episode like you always would. But then add “[powerpress]” on it’s own paragraph where you want the player to appear.

  • john clare

    Clear helpful video, thanks. But I have a couple of strange problems.
    Podcast 1 is loaded and sent to Stitcher, Blackberry and Itunes. Itunes have not responded, but when I try to upload the second podcast they say I have already done so. The other two acknowledged upload and show the first podcast but also say I’ve already uploaded the file when I try to send the second podcast. They still seem to be seeing the first episode. However, when I check feed validator, the text is that of episode 2. In short my feed url validates in Powerpress.
    Also, when I try to validate the Media URL at the foot of my Post, the response is “couldn’t connect to host”. However, when I drop the url into a new browser window the file shows and plays episode 2. I’m using Libsyn to host the sound file. What’s going wrong?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Hi, John!

      So you have two different podcasts with their own episodes, and you’re trying to get both listed in iTunes? Or are you releasing episode 2 and trying to resubmit to iTunes with each episode of a single podcast?

      (For clarification, “podcast” usually refers to the overall show, which will have many “podcast episodes.”)

  • craig

    Hi I keep getting the video image appearing for my podcasts instaed of the podcast image . Any clues why? see at the bottom here It still works ok but looks weird cheers Craig

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      It looks like you configured your audio player strangely. I would have to see all of your PowerPress settings in order to fix this. Just make sure your audio player’s width and height aren’t set incorrectly, and that you’re not trying to include an image in the audio player.

  • Chris Colotti

    Great post. One question, how are you hiding the video player from the plugin? When I add the video and the YouTube Embed both video players show and it’s rather odd looking. I want the WordPress post to use the youtube embed as it is better quality, and still have the mobile video media in the feed only. Also can you publish podcasts that mix video and audio only to the same iTunes location? It’s hard to get people to subscribe to different channels and link to different channels on iTunes, but I suspect the answer is you must since the feeds are different.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Great questions, Chris!

      I do the same thing with my videos. I embed the HD video from YouTube, but have an SD version for podcast. You need to not display the player for your podcast episode. Watch the site or my YouTube channel for a video this Friday that will detail how to do this.

      • Chris Colotti

        Perfect. I think I did answer my own question on the itunes deal. Different FEED url=new iTunes listing. Really want to get the post looking correct like you have here on this page, so looking forward to the video! I have a VERY short video I want to post as the first video podcast. I already have the HD/SD versions uploaded to S3 and YouTube and I have the Audio only MP3 as well. Once we get the post looking right with just the one youTube Embed I’m good to go!

      • Chris Colotti

        I enabled the settings to replace the player when an embed code is present but it’s not honoring that. I thought that was the answer. :/

        • Daniel J. Lewis

          You would have to actually put the embed code in the media embed field.

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  • Tom L.

    You sir, are a boss. Your information is so incredibly helpful – thanks for putting this out there!

  • Alease

    Great video! You explained Powerpress very well for someone who didn’t know much of anything about podcasting
    . Thanks for sharing.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Thank you! I’m glad it help. I’ll have an update soon for PowerPress 5.0.

  • Drew Doggett

    Outstanding tutorial, Daniel! This was my ONE stop for setting up Blubrry PowerPress. You rock! Really appreciate you. :-)

  • realestateradio

    Have a question, Is it possible to show the powerpress audio player with each post while in a category view

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Yes. Just enable displaying the player in excerpts.

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  • Omar

    So I have a question. Do you actually have to go to, create an id and submit your feed url there or will the Blubrry Podcasting Plugin do that for you via the Dashboard. I know you can save, validate your feed and publish your podcast to iTunes from within the dashboard, but its been 2 weeks and still no e-mail with my subscription url or validation that my podcast has been accepted into itunes. In othewords, how do you submit your feed url using blubrry or must you do that manually over at Apple?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      You do have to submit the feed through iTunes. They would contact you through the email address in your feed, not your Apple ID.

      You could check with if you can’t resubmit.


      Daniel J. Lewis
      Grow your podcast from average to amazing!

  • Rajesh

    Hi Daniel
    I have my daily radio live show and podcasting daily, I am planning to keep each show for week or want 5 show on same post. I have custom channel set up for 5 days (mon to friday) have audio files uploaded to my server (do have links for all of them) but when I go to my post I only see one podcast form. How do I see all of them ? (i will be using shortcode to show up on post)

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Each episode must be its own post. You can’t have a single post contain multiple episodes to publish to the same feed.

  • Jaime D. Buckley

    Hey Daniel–just found this article…and so very glad I did.

    Just uploaded PowerPress, got it set up and did my first podcast. It was accepted by iTunes, so I’m pretty excited so far–but I have a specific question here.

    I have some old podcasts I did earlier int he year, but never put them on my blog. Instead, I created YouTube videos instead, thinking they would receive better exposure. Not true. So now I am wondering–Can I go back to my old posts (many 6+ months old) and attach the podcast episodes…and have them show up in the iTunes feed?

    Is this even possible? Will iTunes pick up the old blog posts now tagged in the new podcast category??

    Thought after this wonderful article, you might be the right person to ask.

    Thank you Daniel!

    Jaime DANIEL Buckley =)

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Yes, that will work on your older posts and they’ll eventually show up in iTunes and for your subscribers.

  • porchhound

    Daniel here we are in 2015 and this episode is three years old. Do you maintain the same recommendations today?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      I’m working on an improved tutorial for this.

      I no longer recommend FeedBurner at all. And you no longer need the channel feed to change the title of your podcast. Channels are better than categories for multiple shows on the same website. And PowerPress 6.0 and later now have great SEO features to use.

      The foundation of my recommendations are similar, and this video still mostly applies to PowerPress’s advanced mode. But my upcoming tutorial will be more accurate and even more thorough on all things WordPress for podcasters.

      • Marc David

        Just updated my theme and my Feedburner doesn’t show the enclosures anymore. I think it’s time to switch to just the standard WP RSS feeds (for my podcast category). Love PowerPress! Can’t wait to watch this video. FB is old and tired. There’s no support and even WP feeds show clean in these RSS validator tools where as the FB feeds do not.

        • Daniel J. Lewis

          While you’re switching, I recommend that you switch to a channel feed (/feed/podcast), instead of the category feed.

  • Onlinety

    Awesome This is Great wonderful Information.. Great Thanks..

  • rose hylaund

    Listen! I know you guys wont believe this but this site just gave me a iTunes Card Code and it got accepted! Got mine from

  • Dan Heaton

    I have a quick question about this post. I have an intro episode that I want to be first in my feed. However, I don’t want it to be a blog post. Using Libsyn as a host and the Powerpress plugin, is there a way to connect the first episode to my site’s feed without publishing a blog post?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      No. You could only accomplish this if you were using custom post types for your podcast, or you used Libsyn to create your RSS feed.