7 Ways to Improve Your Podcast and Promotion with Jasper AI

Do you want to improve the content on your podcast? Jasper (formerly known as “Conversion AI” or “Jarvis”) can help! It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate blog post ideas, headlines, phrases, captions for images, and more.

How good is it? That first paragraph was generated using Jasper's “Blog Post Intro Paragraph” template! And all the italicized text in this article was generated or enhanced by Jasper with little to no tweaking from me.

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Unless otherwise noted, the following input descriptions and text were provided by my email subscribers.

1. Improve your podcast descriptions

Jasper is a nifty little tool that will take your podcast description and make it the best you've ever seen. With just three clicks, Jasper automatically finds all of those perfect words to fit in there without any effort on your part!

Jasper offers multiple frameworks to help market products:

  • AIDA: attention ➜ interest ➜ desire ➜ action
  • PAS: problem ➜ agitate ➜ solution
  • BAB: before ➜ after ➜ bridge

I ran the same podcast title and description through all three of these frameworks to demonstrate the different results you can get.

Podcast: ExtraVirgin Food and Travel

Description: ExtraVirgin is a podcast for gourmands who love to travel and travellers who love good food. Join your hosts, food and travel journalist Natascha Mirosch and bon vivant Samantha Donsky, who between them have eaten their way around more than 60 countries, as they meet the passionate people who make wandering the world so rewarding and so delicious.

AIDA framework:
Join us on our journey as we explore the world and all of its delicious food.

We’ve eaten our way around more than 60 countries, meeting passionate people who make wandering the world so rewarding and so delicious.

You won't want to miss out on this podcast that will make you hungry while also making you laugh!

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PAS framework:
Traveling can be a lonely and stressful experience, especially when you are constantly surrounded by unfamiliar food.

The best way to combat this is to learn about the local cuisine so you know what ingredients to look out for at the supermarket. But it's also important to meet people who live there, not just tourists. You need locals as your guide through their culture and customs.

That's where ExtraVirgin Food & Travel comes in! We'll help you understand how locals eat and travel in different countries around the world while sharing our tips on how we've made these experiences even better with our own hacks! Join us as we explore new cultures together from a traveller’s perspective while eating some of the most amazing food that each country has to offer!

BAB framework:
You love to travel, but you also love good food. However, finding the best restaurants and local eateries is always a challenge.

Imagine having a podcast that tells you about the best places to eat in every city you visit. It's like having your own personal tour guide who knows all of the hidden gems and where to find them!

Join Natascha Mirosch and Samantha Donsky as they take on the world one bite at a time with ExtraVirgin Food & Travel!

2. Brainstorm episode topics

I've spoken before on ways to brainstorm episode ideas for your podcast. But this AI can make it much easier!

With Jasper, you can brainstorm the next episode topics for your podcast. You just need to type in a few words and it will give you an infinite amount of ideas! This app is perfect if you're struggling with what's going on this week or running out of topic ideas because some episodes could sound similar.

Podcast: Logbook Memories

Description: An aviation podcast where we discuss stories that are torn right from the pages of your pilot logbook. We're here to remind each other why we fly. Our guests look back in the pages of their logbooks and find a flight that was particularly memorable or meaningful, and share the story of that flight or adventure in their own words.

AI-generated topic ideas:

• Private pilot tips for composite aircraft
• What do you love about flying?
• 25 Things to Cross Off Your Pilot Bucket List

3. Build episode outlines

Jasper is a great service that can outline your episodes for you! All you have to do is input an overview, which Jasper then transforms into bullet points with accompanying notes. It's like having a virtual assistant who gives feedback on how well-structured or informative your content was at every turn—no more second guessing yourself!

Podcast: Talaterra

Episode title idea: How to nurture your relationship with the outdoors

AI-generated outline:

1. Get outside and explore your surroundings
2. Take a walk with your partner or friends in a nearby park
3. Plant flowers in pots on the porch or balcony
4. Buy furniture that is made locally
5. Hang pictures of family members throughout the house, including outdoorsy shots where you are hiking, camping, etc., to remind yourself of all the great times you've had together

4. Find new marketing angles

Jasper is the master of marketing and he's right there to help when you need it most. He can find new angles for your podcast in seconds so you don't have worry about a thing!

Podcast: Daily Radio Bible

Description: The Daily Radio Bible is a daily podcast of the Bible read by Hunter Barnes, taking readers through the Bible in one year. If you have ever wanted to read through the Bible in a year, or just want to use your time during your morning commute to feed your soul, the DRB is just for you. You don’t have to go it alone, we can experience the word of God together.

AI-generated marketing angles:

• Receive a daily word from the Bible
• Get biblical encouragement and knowledge in your mailbox every day
• Listen to God's word read by our narrator, Hunter Barnes
• Support those that are reading through the Bible this year
• A modern way of reading through the Bible for today’s generation

5. Respond to reviews (especially negative reviews)

Let Jasper help you respond to podcast reviews, especially negative ones. It's a great way of showing that you're human (even though you're using an AI!) and not just some faceless podcast in the world.

1-star review from “gehyra”:

1 minute of information wrapped in 30 minutes of self promotion! This podcast has almost no content: it's a merciless listener-grab and affiliate marketing attempt… packed with worthless buzzwords like “How To…” and “Top 5…”, but it doesn't deliver.

He seems like a nice guy, and I'm surprised he would try to treat people as naive-cash-cows and listener-statistics

AI-generated response:

Thanks for taking the time to review The Audacity to Podcast, gehyra. I'm sorry you didn't find it helpful.

It's true that my podcast is a marketing strategy and affiliate marketing opportunity–but there are also 30-plus episodes of content with interviews from experts, entrepreneurs, authors, etc., as well as practical tips and resources on how to start your own podcast or improve yours. So while I do have an incentive to get people onto my email list through this free resource, I hope they'll stay for more than just the promo or one episode!

6. Focus on your podcast's value and benefits

One of the ways you can use Jasper is to help people understand your podcast's value and benefits. In other words, answering “What's in it for me?”

Podcast (not used by this template): School Savvy Podcast

Description: The School Savvy Podcast shares knowledge with parents and students to help students in grades k-12 succeed. You will learn about academic skills, life skills, student mental health, careers, college, and more. We answer questions you didn’t know you had. Remember, when you increase your knowledge, you increase your options. Join us each week and get School Savvy.

AI-generated “unique value propositions”:

• A podcast for parents and students.
• 100% FREE weekly podcast that covers the basics of life skills, academic skills, student mental health, career planning and more.
• Learning about school and life skills is easier than ever with School Savvy.

AI-generated “features to benefits”:

Standard benefits:

• Get your child to love school.
• Learn how to help them thrive in their classes.
• Learn from experts in the field.
• Be informed with up to date information about education.

Emotional benefits:

• Give your child the best education possible.
• Feel like you're a part of the solution for your children's success.

7. Write better headlines

The headlines on your blog posts and episodes are the first thing people see. It's important to craft a headline that will catch their attention while still being relevant.

Whether you're looking for an episode title, or your sub-headings within your episode, Jasper can help!

Description: Jasper can help you improve your podcast promotion and content.

AI-generated headlines:

• Improve your marketing and content with Jasper
• Get more downloads, subscribers and engagement with Jasper
• The best podcast maker for podcasters on the market today
• Podcast growth made easy
• Put your podcast on steroids with Jasper
• Get the most out of your podcast
• Why you need more listeners and sponsors for your podcast

Watch my walkthrough/demo videos

AI should never completely replace YOU!

While many of these examples are amazing and could probably be used verbatim, you may need to tweak some things. Jasper doesn't know everything, so it can be factually incorrect sometimes—like saying your podcast started in 2008 or guessing on some details. But you can easily correct these.

You also know yourself, your show, and your audience better than an AI, so you can use the AI-generated results as starting points to create your own content or edit the results to better fit your unique needs.

But what I've found the Jasper AI can do is give me a much better start to many things, help me brainstorm stuff, and it has often helped me get in a focused mindset to then create content myself.

Click here to try Jasper free for 5 days!

(If the free trial expires, joining through my link will probably still give you some kind of bonus.)

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Episode and videos are fantastic!
I joined because of this and your email series.
I got unlimited plan as I am a podcaster and a podcast strategist/coach.

I hope to use Jarvis for my personal niche brand all about being childfree.

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