Plan Your Podcast Better with Podcast Studio Pro

With experience in professional film and TV writing, Podcast Studio Pro has been built specifically for the planning and organization needs of podcasters.

Instead of trying to hack together different document or collaboration tools for podcasting, Podcast Studio Pro provides you and your cohosts (or even other team members) an optimized way to plan your episode flow, collect and organize topics and notes, collaborate in real time, and more!

Podcast Studio Pro is built on a card model, letting you easily reorganize the flow of your podcast, either before you record or even in real time while you're recording.

You can start from scratch or create and use templates to aid your workflow. And you can share global access with others, or even only certain episodes.

You can easily export in multiple formats, in card view or a linear document.

Try planning your podcast better with Podcast Studio Pro!

(As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases through this link. But I recommend things I truly believe in, regardless of earnings.)

About the Author
As an award-winning podcaster, Daniel J. Lewis gives you the guts and teaches you the tools to launch and improve your own podcasts for sharing your passions and finding success. Daniel creates resources for podcasters, such as the SEO for Podcasters and Zoom H6 for Podcasters courses, the Social Subscribe & Follow Icons plugin for WordPress, the My Podcast Reviews global-review aggregator, and the Podcasters' Society membership for podcasters. As a recognized authority and influencer in the podcasting industry, Daniel speaks on podcasting and hosts his own podcast about how to podcast. Daniel's other podcasts, a clean-comedy podcast, and the #1 unofficial podcast for ABC's hit drama Once Upon a Time, have also been nominated for multiple awards. Daniel and his son live near Cincinnati.
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