The best cordless mouse [daily podcasting photo, day 3]

Logitech Performance MX mouse

In yesterday's daily podcasting photo, I shared Eneloop rechargeable batteries. The No products found. mouse was my first experience with Eneloop batteries, and I was impressed with the battery life!

Having a good mouse is important in any creative field. Artists require precision, functionality, and comfort. As podcasters, we're artists with sound (and sometimes video). I think this Logitech wireless mouse is the tool for artists.

I've used several wireless mice in the past, all by Logitech: G7 gaming mouse, MX1000, and MX1100. But the Performance MX is my favorite!

It fits well in my hand and is really light weight (thanks to using only a single AA battery). Logitech's patented Darkfield laser technology makes the mouse work on any surface I've tried.

An often overlooked feature of mice is their feet durability—the little pads under the mouse that help it glide. Some mice are terrible, others are great but wear out. The “feet” on the Performance MX are the smoothest I've ever used, and they haven't worn out in the three years I've been using this mouse all day.

The No products found. comes with a tiny USB dongle for wireless connectivity. This dongle is so small, it's safe to leave it always plugged into my MacBook Pro, even while putting it in a travel bag.

When the battery does die, I use the mouse's USB cable to turn the powerful cordless mouse into an equally powerful, but now corded mouse. It recharges while I continue using it, and the charge cord is in the same location as a cord is for other mice.

But for artists, what can also make this mouse powerful is customizing its buttons to do exactly what you want: zoom, run a tool, paste, navigate, and more. For Windows, the Logitech software works well. For OS X, I recommend USB Overdrive.

I could go on praising this mouse. The No products found. is a crucial part of my podcasting and design workflow, I would hate to be without it!

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Bob Boufford
10 years ago

Great mouse. Got one on your original recommendation over a year ago. Only downside is there should be a Bluetooth version. 

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