Your Podcasting Successes in 2013 and Goals for 2014


Recorded live from New Media Expo 2014, today's episode talks about a lot of feedbacks from the Podcasters themselves about their podcast success in 2013, as well as their goals for this year. It was definitely great hearing people say, “I'm podcasting now!”

George Jackson from The Sci-fi Super Friends Podcast

2013 success: Learned and build a whole new skill set for himself. Podcasting definitely helped him build his resume.

2014 goal: More guests for 2014

Vernon Ross from The Social Strategy Podcast

2013 success:
Being able to interview Andrew Warner. That interview did a lot for his business, changed the way he look at Podcasting. Dream interviews make a whole lot difference.

2014 goal: Create more digital products. Teach people more about Podcasting.

Shawn Smith from Now Is the Time

2013 success:
Doing a nightly podcast and learning how to do Podcasting out of the country. Being able to learn and do Podcasting on the road.

2014 goal: To launch professional Podcasting; teaching people about podcasting on the road via A giant mixer is a big downside to mobile podcasting, but using Art USB Dual Pre helped him make podcasting easy. It also made mobile podcasting possible and easily.

Matt Johnson from Runner Academy

2013 success:
Crushed it by really growing the show; the amount of guests really grow, even gaining a nomination, but also having an impact on people's lives; making news on what you put out there is so rewarding. Johnson also mentioned that interacting with listeners was great and so rewarding; getting feedbacks with everyone who listens to the show really helped pushed him through.

2014 goal: To see the Everyday Runners Podcast be as successful at Runners Academy — a podcast dedicated to interview everyday people achieve their running goals. Just to get out there and crush it!

Dustin Hartzler from Your Website Engineer

2013 success:
 Hartzler shared that his biggest success in 2013 was applying for his dream job and becoming an automatic full time happiness engineer for Another success for 2013 was teaching and helping people to users, too!

2014 goal: Growing the audience and making it the best free resource for WordPress. Giving as much away free stuff as he can is his big goal for this year; Continue to grow, adding his personal flare to his podcast.

Ryan Gray from Medical School HQ

2013 success:
As a podcast dedicated to Premed students, helping them go through their hardship, 2013 served as the first full year for Medical School HQ, which brought a ton of success for the show. Gray shared that in 2013, they got into more Premed conferences now, as well as doing the show not just for college Premed students, but high school students, too.

2014 goal: Continue to grow the podcast, hopefully get a ton of new partnership with Premed magazines, letting audience know that going through Premed is not as hard as they thought it could be.

Michael Aivaliotis from The Walking Dead Girl

2013 success: Doing a podcast with his teenage daughter, the success that 2013 brought is starting the podcast itself, but more importantly changing his relationship with his daughter. Nowadays, the go to conferences together. The podcast also let them into a whole new world. Podcast really do help him build a new and better family relationship together.

2014 goal: Bring more guests on the show from The Walking Dead. Get Andrew Lincoln to be interviewed on the show.

Paul Schakuri from Entrepreneur Adrenaline

2013 success: Wanting to reach a larger audience, Schakuri started listening to various podcasts, which inspired him to start his own show six months ago. The biggest success though this year is getting going and starting it. Get something up and running; get the best equipment, having people listening to the show and share what he is most passionate about.

2014 goal: To get people know more who he is and what he is. Networking with others, really reaching out to people, showing them who you are. To be the go-to guy for what people needs regarding entrepreneur.

Fred Castaneda from Struggling Entrepreneur

2013 success:
Started giving back to the community in 2013. Last February 2013, he started giving one episode each week.

2014 goal: Started 2014 with a new podcast called, which is about helping baby boomers. Talking about a niche audience, giving baby boomers everything they know about entrepreneurship.

Wayne Henderson from Under the Dome Radio and TV Talk's Revenge Podcast

2013 success: With the launching of Under the Dome radio, as well as using a strategic plan about the podcast, the show made it to the New and Noteworthy in iTunes, even getting it all the way up to number 7 in the Television and Film Podcast. Floored by the audience's response, they also got to interview some of the actors that run the show. Check more of Henderson at

2014 goal: To continue the success with Under the Dome Radio; see how far they can go with UnderTheDomeRadio, as well as the Packers Fan Podcast; secure some interviews with the Green Bay Packers and all NFL athletes.

Darrell Darnell from Golden Spiral Media

2013 success:
Have 50 people come in Oklahoma and watched the Fringe finale with them. Helped a listener be a Podcaster herself; mentored her and help her become a professional Podcaster.

2014 goal: Extend services to other people. To land more clients, help more people become a podcaster, and grow their selection of podcasts.

Corey Fineran from Ivy Envy

2013 success:
Incorporated podcasting with his real job. Teaching work skills in Podcasting, and was fortunate enough and honored to be a finalist in the Sports Category in this year's New Media Expo.

2014 goal: Recently started blogging and eventually would like to start a podcast of his own.

Charles McFall from Success Freaks

2013 success:
Had Leah Laporte on the show, and being able to do their own conference. This year, they hosted a conference with 6 speakers in 7 hours. This year, the show was also fortunate enough to get dozens of interviews, helping to get the podcast bigger and better.

2014 goal: Met with Penn Jillette from Penn & Teller, hopefully get them on the show. Get into public speaking. Learn more information about him and his other podcasts by visiting to

What about you? What is your biggest podcasting success in 2013 and your goals for 2014? Share us yours using the comment section below!

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10 years ago

Hey Daniel, I listened to this episode last night and thought you’d asked for podcasters to mention in the show notes comments what our accomplishments were and our goals going forward in 2014. My podcast is “Irish Sports Talk” at; it is about Notre Dame football.

Success in 2013: We had former Notre Dame quarterback, Evan Sharpley, on as a guest and started blogging in addition to the podcast.
Goal for 2014: To podcast on a bi-weekly schedule in the off-season. In the past the podcast had been silent when the football season was finished.

Ben Avery
Ben Avery
10 years ago

Daniel, here is my look back and 2013 and my look forward at 2014…

In 2013, I wanted to start a second podcast, and had my own ideas what that would be. None of them were really coming together, but when a friend and I heard about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD early in the summer, it was perfect timing, and we pulled it to together. Thirty-one episodes later, Welcome to Level 7 has turned into a fun weekly production, mainly because we’ve had some very fun interactions with our listeners.

For 2014, I plan to build a Christian geek podcasting “network” or “webring” or whatever it would be best called. My first podcast, Strangers and Aliens, is about sci-fi, fantasy, and Christianity, and there are some really cool podcasts out there dealing with similar themes, and I want to help bring us together in a tighter community. We’re still figuring out some of the details of how it might work, but we’ve already started with a big crossover event.

I think 2014 is going to be awesome.

And none of this would be possible without some of the help I’ve gotten from you, Daniel. It’s truly appreciated!

~ Ben

Ross PR
10 years ago

Daniel thanks so much for posting this! It was such an honor to not only meet you but to actually be on the other end of the mic with you even though it was brief. I haven’t listened to the episode yet but thanks to you I’m using the Xoom H4N and the ATR2100. Can’t wait to listen.

Ross PR
10 years ago
Reply to  Ross PR

Finally listened to this the other day. Thrilled it sounded great even with all the background noise and I was suffering with a cold. Thanks again and great to finally meet you in person Daniel.

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