Apple Updates iLife, GarageBand Updates Only for Musicians

Today, Apple and Steve Jobs announce the release of iLife '11, an update to their popular suite of home-friendly applications. Although iMovie '11 received some nice updates for audio-editing, and impressive video features, podcasting-friendly GarageBand '11 received a line of updates applicable to only musicians or wannabe musicians.

GarageBand '11's musician-focused updates

GarageBand '11's musician-focused updates

This does greatly disappoint me and probably many other podcasters, even though many of use remain faithful to powerful and free Audacity. If I upgrade to iLife '11, I will certainly explore and compare GarageBand to its previous version and search for any updates relevant to podcasts.

What do you think of all of Apple's announcements today, especially of iLife '11 and GarageBand '11?

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7 comments on “Apple Updates iLife, GarageBand Updates Only for Musicians

  1. Yes, I did note the 'amateur hour' reference. Mind you, some podcasters ask for it – I started listening to one yesterday who was talking about 'making a good first impression' and it was such poor quality as to be virtually inaudible. Talk about irony…

    I agree – that 'added feature' is a pain – glad you reminded me.

    The lack of a pause button on the H1 is annoying. I almost bought an H2 instead, but was swayed by the much longer battery life (and lower price) of the H1. I do like the switches though – I hate trying to nav my way through fiddly menus. The 'auto record level' switch should stay off, though IMO – otherwise it re-adjusts itself to the background sounds when tou stop talking for a couple of seconds, and when you start again you have suddenly become louder. Not ideal.

    One day, someone will build the perfect podcaster's recorder…

  2. pjchandler says:

    Just posted to the Apple forum:

    Steve Jobs' recent 'amateur hour' comments about podcasting, together with recent 'improvements' to iTunes – including the apparent removal of a swathe of podcast categories and a couple of 'podcast specific' features, and the complete lack of podcast-friendly features in recent Garage Band software upgrade – all lead me to suspect that Apple is starting to squeeze out podcasting in favour of money-making music sales.

  3. pjchandler says:

    Apple removed your post on Apple Discussions, titled "Is Apple sidelining podcasters?" because it contained the following:

    Discussion of Apple Policies, Procedures or Decisions
    Off-topic or non-technical posts


    I rest my case.

  4. pjchandler says:

    I put it on my blog here… but feel free to re-blog it or podcast it!

    1. Karin says:

      I'd like to repost you post to a Mac users group that's iTunes conference is networked to a couple of other users groups on both east & west coasts.


      1. pjchandler says:

        Sure Karin – be my guest.

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