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As the original podcaster about podcasting, Dave Jackson has seen a lot of change in the industry. We talk about his experience, where podcasts are going, how to make money podcasting, and share some podcasting tips.

Dave started podcasting in 2005 by turning a newsletter for musicians into a podcast. Because there wasn't much about podcasting techniques, he decided to fill the whole by launching The School of Podcasting in April, 2005.

What was it like to be the first in a niche?

Dave said that there is a strong community by being not only the first in a niche, but also among the first podcasters.

Everyone back in the early days were tight and helping each other as they discovered tools and techniques.

How to keep finding content in a niche after 350+ episodes?

Follow other blogs and podcasts in the niche. Subscribe in an app, like Feedly, that will allow you to browse all of your RSS subscriptions.

Also setup a Google alerts or Twitter searches for when people mention topics or exact phrases related to your topic

Your listeners will also start contributing content by asking questions, sharing feedback, and suggesting ideas.

Sometimes, you'll get responsive ideas based on someone else's content.

Take notes as you get ideas and plan ahead as much as possible!

What does having big-name advertisers and podcasters do for the industry?

Highly successful people demonstrate what can be accomplished with podcasting. The extra money from advertisers can also benefit the overall community by building podcasts as a more legitimate outlet for advertisers.

Then again, extra money can also bring more money-seekers who pollute the industry with poor content while they're just looking for an extra buck.

Startups can see this as a great opportunity to advertise to their exact target audience by sponsoring a podcast that may only cost a couple hundred dollars per episode.

Ever felt like quitting a podcast?

Just when you think that nobody's listening, you'll often receive a great email, review, or something that reminds you how much people appreciate your content.

But sometimes, you will truly run out of content or passion. This is a sure sign that you should gracefully end the podcast.

Sometimes, you can even toss out an invitation to your audience and get a load of new content, ideas, or even guest or cohost possibilities.

What things should starting podcasters do early?

Make a spreadsheet of all of your episodes, what you talked about, and when you posted it. The default search isn't powerful enough to find your content.

Make easy shownotes and podcast links to easily refer people back to previous episodes.

Avoid a condenser microphone. Dave started with a Audio-Technica AT2035, then moved to an Audio-Technica AT2020, but now uses either an Electro-Voice RE320 ($299 from or B&H) or the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB.

Avoid trying to podcast for free. Do you try to start other hobbies with no money?

Making money podcasting

Inspired by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Dave openly shares his monthly income reports on his blog. This demonstrates the success of his monetization efforts and how much time and energy he's putting into each project.

If you enjoy podcasting, consider offering your production services to others who don't have the time to produce their own episodes. This “white-labeling” can help you get better, allow you to help others succeed, and is a highly valuable resource for others.

Make sure you setup separate tracking codes or campaigns for each podcast (or entrepreneurial endeavor) that you launch (not for individual episodes). This will allow you to quickly see each podcast's income.

The most successful place to put your affiliate links are in your podcast shownotes and when you email your subscribers (if you have an email list).

Consider affiliate programs like or Audible.

Where is podcasting going?

Podcasting is going up! It's going into cars, more popular mobile apps, and big companies are getting into this media, too.

Set-top boxes will help, but mostly video podcasts. However, the apps are still not quite as friendly for independent podcasters.

Everything is going portable on mobile devices. But the major adoption is slow.

Great podcasting tools (geek out!)

One of our favorite pieces of equipment is the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB mic. It can plug straight into a PC, go to XLR for a mixer, or both at the same time! It is also an output device when plugged into USB.

The DBX 286A preamp is great, but works for only one person. So Dave is considering the Behringer MDX4600 ($149 on and B&H) or similar so he can run multiple microphones the the compressor/limiter/gate.

The Heil PR40 is the premiere podcasting mic, but you can podcast without it!

WordPress SEO is great for enhancing the search engine ranking of your pages. You can also consider the premium plugin Scribe that will grade your content.

Adobe Audition is what we're both using to produce our podcasts. You can buy it outright or subscribe to the online program and get Adobe Audition for $20 per month.

Sony ACID Music Studio ($50 from B&H, $45 from works well for podcast-editing. Sony Soundforge Audio Studio ($47 from, $49 from B&H) is also great for extensive editing.

More about Dave Jackson

Dave's final tip for podcasting is START! Try to be as good as possible, but

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Need personalized podcasting help?

I no longer offer one-on-one consulting outside of Podcasters' Society, but request a consultant here and I'll connect you with someone I trust to help you launch or improve your podcast.

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