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There are many companies that can work as a web host for your blog or podcast. I've chosen to primarily recommend BlueHost to starting podcasters for five reasons.

Web hosting, not podcast hosting

BlueHost is primarily designed for hosting websites. This means they can certainly host your podcast website! But don't think of BlueHost, or any shared web hosting company, as a podcast hosting provider—that is, hosting your media files. They don't specialize in podcasting, and also discourage you from hosting high-demand media files on their service.

You can get away with hosting your media files on BlueHost, but I wouldn't recommend it if you get more than 100 downloads per episode. Above that, I recommend LibSyn or Blubrry with promo code “noodle” for a free month.

1. Social proof

A lot of other people already recommend BlueHost. If I also recommend it to my own audience, they will tend to think, “Yes, I’ve heard a lot about them. If Daniel says they’re good, I’ll go ahead and sign up.”

But if I were to pick some equivalent web-hosting company to recommend, you might not be as familiar with their reputation, and might not remember the name.

BlueHost tech support podcast hosting

2. Customer support

You would think a big web hosting company like BlueHost would farm out customer support or not answer the phone.

Think again!

I've been amazed that in the rare times I've had to call BlueHost, I got to talk with a real human almost right away! Their in-house, USA-based support has always been friendly, available, and helpful.

3. Simple plan

BlueHost primarily offers a single plan that supports unlimited domains and unlimited websites. Other providers, like HostGator or Site5 have so many plans that a potential customer can be easily overwhelmed.

The more options we are presented, the harder it is for us to make a decision. I think BlueHost keeps this simple with primarily plan, and all you have to do is choose your billing frequency.

Yes, they offer several other hosting plans, but they don't overwhelm you with their options from the main pages.

BlueHost blog hosting money back guarantee

4. Anytime money-back guarantee

I like knowing that if you aren't happy with BlueHost, you can cancel anytime and get a prorated refund. Most other hosting companies only give you thirty to sixty days to be satisfied. With these other companies, you're locked in and can't get your annual payments back if you're unsatisfied after the trial period.

But BlueHost makes it friendlier by giving you the option to leave at any time, and take your money with you.

Get started with BlueHost

5. Optimized conversions

BlueHost worked hard to optimize their landing pages for more sales and they’re succeeding. This is important to me, not just as an affiliate, but because I want the process to be clear and easy for my referrals. I would rather send my audience to a site that clearly presents its options, and it is plain to see how to sign up for the service.

6. Common tools

BlueHost uses cPanel and phpMyAdmin. These are very common hosting tools, which make it very easy to migrate to or from BlueHost.

The one downside to BlueHost is that they charge $99 for website migrations. But migrations don't have to be hard, especially since they use cPanel and phpMyAdmin. If you need to migrate, you should go ahead and buy BackupBuddy, which can handle migrations and regular backups beautifully. BackupBuddy is totally worth the cost!

BlueHost WordPress hosting one click installs

7. Easy WordPress setup

Starting your own blog or podcast website with WordPress is super easy with BlueHost. They have optimized the process so you don't have to download or upload anything, you don't have to figure out how to create a database, and you don't have to mess with MySQL usernames and passwords.

Installing WordPress on your site is, literally, just a few clicks with BlueHost.

So if you're looking for a hosting company for starting your podcast, I whole-heartily recommend BlueHost!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate with BlueHost and will be compensated if you sign up through my links. However, this post lists my reasons I chose to recommend BlueHost for basic needs above other affiliates that actually pay much more.

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This post may contain links to products or services with which I have an affiliate relationship and may receive compensation from your actions through such links. However, I don't let that corrupt my perspective and I don't recommend only affiliates.

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Jared Rypkema
9 years ago

Hey Daniel. An interesting post for sure. You say in the beginning that BlueHost discourages the use of their service for podcasting, so I was expecting a note about how they may be a good fit for a podcaster towards the end, but didn’t find one. Are you saying they would be a good platform for hosting the audio for a podcast, or a great web host for a podcast’s website? I for one love using their service for websites for all the reasons you stated here, but am not convinced they would be safe to use for audio. Would you be able to elaborate some? Thanks!

Jared Rypkema
9 years ago

Thanks, Daniel! That makes a lot of sense.

8 years ago

You say social proof? See how many people really recommend it! https://webhostinggeeks.com/user-reviews/bluehost/ I would keep as far as possible from BlueHost if I were you.

Yasir Jamal
6 years ago

No doubt blue host have amazing support service and volume of users, thanks for post the detailed content on it.

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Nadkaar Agency
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing informative post its really useful.
Nadkaar Agency

3 years ago

I love BlueHost and have had my site there for years. I would like to add a pod cast; audio only, if that is a podcast? I am using the Jupiter theme. The thought of shifting my site to Blubrry gives me a belly ache. First of all I have no idea what so many MBs per month means (is that everything, or what you are adding), and couldn’t find an answer on their site. I am toying with the idea of having files on a home based server.

Folks out there seem confused if that is a good or bad thing. I have been avoiding both FaceBook and Twitter like they were the plague, because of censorship issues. YouTube pulled one of my videos with political comments and I am still wondering why? I am a middle of the roader, an old blue dog. It seems being critical of the hard left is some kind of no no these days.

I guess my question here is: can I keep my BlueHost site and incorporate Blubrry into the mix??

PS: My site is in construction now. I am trying still trying to figure WP, I did a lot better with coding and working Adobe back in the old days, where you could see and edit everything. Being old and stupid has it’s draw backs, except if your wanting to be president of the USA.

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